MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

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MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby checkerz » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:10 am

Track Name: Slope Style
Track Picture:
Track Description:
Welcome to Slopestyle MX!! Building an mx track on an unused ski resort during the off season is a great idea
and has been done before in real life at Swain Mountain and Powder Mountain. I designed a track with a semi realistic
scale and a fairly easy track layout to hopefully keep every skill level happy. I made some of the models myself including
the ski lodge, chair lift, and moto option tent. Models that I did not create myself included Haq's gp fences, SMR 510rr's
bleachers, DJ's grass with lod's, and pine trees I found for free use on the internet. I also used modified decals from
yFMX's - Redwood Point. Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!

Track uses ground normals

Track Map:


Phathry25 wrote:Score - Category
12 - Fun Factor (0-15)
Fairly fun layout and style. The short lap times compliment the theme and are welcomed after riding one 3 minute track after another.The traction was trying to be a bit too epic, and lacks the initial grip to really be able to brake well and turn down in the berms, leading to many a front end washout. Which is where it lost some points. Even with the traction troubles I rode much more then the 5 laps I had allotted each track in my initial shakedown.

6 - Environment (0-10)
I really like the theme of this being a one off event on a ski hill. It seems like something Red Bull would include in their signature series. It's pulled off well in the aspect that you can tell you're on a ski hill, and the looks are acceptable, nothing earth shattering though. I also like how you were able to add another ski run alongside the one with the track and still disguise the edge of the terrain. Loved the level bleachers, I feel like a lot of people would have just plopped those on the hill. I didn't like the lack of a crowd of any type. Like I said this seemed themed to be a one off special event, and I would have liked to see a crowd to support that theme. I also wasn't a fan of the snow cats and snow maker billboards because they were billboards and looked a little washed out.


9 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
Once again it's a creative theme, and was pulled off well enough for me to establish immediately what it was supposed to be. Not much in terms of options on the track, but IMO it compliments the theme better that way.


Comments to the creator:
This track does more with less, it wasn't trying to be that epic motocross paradise, and it really stands out from the crowd because of it. The fit and finish of the environment could have been done better.

27 - Total points

checkerz wrote:Score - Category
9 - Fun Factor (0-15)
The theme did a nice job immersing you into the environment, and anytime that is the case, it helps the fun factor. To me the track had a bit of a cramped feel. I was itching for sections to really open it up and sell that I was on a massive ski hill, but instead of feeling like I was on Glen Helen, I felt like I was riding a local track cramped on an anthill. The terrain was well built, and traction complimented getting stylish on the clean jump shapes. I thought the ruts rode well as did the berms, but I would've liked to see more variety in the layout and corner shapes. Too many tight 180's for my liking. I really enjoyed the long downhill triple. A lack of options in the terrain and going over the pointy berm lips with drop offs behind them also hurt the score.

8 - Environment (0-10)
The decals were easy on the eyes, the theme immediately was noticeable and had some nice touches like the ski map. The ski lift is obviously a major feature and a bonus. The billboards help sell the theme, but objects or better quality billboards would have helped. I also wish the fences were matched up a bit better or done using a seemless fence vs pieces.

8 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
Solid job re-creating a theme in a realistic manner and not overdoing it as well. It's a believable setting. Nothing ground breaking holds this track back a bit in this category along with a fairly boring layout slightly hurt this score.

Comments to the creator:
A solid job executing a theme, but I feel the terrain lacked some of the excitement the environment/theme had.

25 - Total points

Pumaxcs wrote:Score - Category
10 - Fun Factor (0-15)
Track is fun and really like the idea's but i feel like it didn't come out like it was intended. Instead of felling like we are on a giant ski slope I feel like I am on a cramped cliff. The downhill triple getting to open the bike up into 3rd was easily the best part of the track and I wanted more of that after the first lap.

9 - Environment (0-10)
Environment was easily one of the best out of the contest. Obvious goals and executed very well. The billboards kill it, having objects that important to the environment I almost feel would have been better left out instead of adding them as billboards.

8 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
Creativity points for days. I feel the track took on a realistic scale but I would have liked it to be a bit longer.

Comments to the creator:
Please don't give up on this idea. I would not hate you for reusing everything on this map for a remake if you just make it an actual ski slope and not use the bunny hill.

27 - Total points

yzmxer608 wrote:Score - Category
11 - Fun Factor (0-15)
After riding this track on almost every bike it's the most fun on a 125 without a doubt. Riding it on a 450 almost feels like a chore with how careful you have to be with it (which for some might be fun with the technical aspect of riding it, but pinning a 125 around corners is more fun imo). It had a few good jumps for whipping which is always good. The berms after sections heading down the mountain I wish had a wider top to them (almost as if they would be built to put a bale on top) it was a pain to have the front wheel go over the top and fall down the steep backside. I couldn't see this track being used for racing with more than 7-8 guys that weren't sketchy.

8 - Environment (0-10)
I originally was going to judge this track from a point of view of the ski resort theme with the track being something very similar to Powder Mountain (large scale MX with huge jumps using a lot of the mountain) but decided against that since it didn't seem like you were going for something exactly like that, it didn't seem fair to score it like that (but I do wish you did go for a style like that instead). It feels more like a local track used for pro-am night races, almost like a fair track but on a ski resort. For an environment like that you nailed it. I would have scored it higher but a few visual things stopped me - there wasn't a env image that matched the rest of the lighting, the roost wasn't the greatest, and the tree placement wasn't varied (same rotation on the trees, they also had some specularity problems - they looked really shiny). The decals and shaders did look very good though.

8 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
From the point of view of this being a small local track for a pro-am type race this is a realistic track as far as the scale and lane size goes. I think the layout could have been opened up some to avoid so many tight 180* corners and let you get on the gas more though.

Comments to the creator:
A fun local style track that racing can be fun on with the right people, I think the tightness of the layout holds it back some for how fun just spinning laps can be but can make for good block passes.

27 - Total points

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby XFR Motorsports #222 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:16 pm

OMG! This is awesome!!!
This guy..... NOW THIS GUY, has some sick video's!

Cody Darr
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby Cody Darr » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:56 pm

Great track, loved the environment. Track could have been just a little but longer but overall it was a great layout. My only complaint was decals Idk why but for me they look mismatched in some areas.
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby AuTo MaTik » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:47 pm

This track's layout is awesome, one of the best from the competition in my opinion. The only thing that I dislike about this track is the scale. If the scale were a bit larger this track would be so fun! Still a very good track either way, though.
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby MinnesotaMX » Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:00 am

Really cool environment, the track layout is well put together, I was impressed. The traction was awesome imo, the only thing I didn't like about this track was the scale. It's a little "braap" "braap" track on a 450. Much more fun on a 250F/125 two smoke. Overall, pretty sweet track!
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby staydown » Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:28 pm

Comments to the creator:
Please don't give up on this idea. I would not hate you for reusing everything on this map for a remake if you just make it an actual ski slope and not use the bunny hill.

I am working on redoing the layout to fix all my mistakes and also to really focus on the judges suggestions. I made some stupid mistakes like no .env image. I want to open up the track to make it wider, longer and use more of the map. Who knows how long it will take me to complete, but I have been short on time and that is obviously the reason why I released a sub par product. I've been working on an updated Hurricane Hills which was actually reversed this year. I also plan on using erode on my tracks to aid in realistic breaking/ speed bumps.

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Slope Style

Postby Ohagan75 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:53 pm

if you do release an updated version of this can you please fix the traction? felt like ice on a 450
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