MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

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MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby checkerz » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:20 am

Track Name: Motosport Compound
Track Picture:
Track Description:
-A team training facility for the riders of Motosport. Includes 4 tracks
- MX,SX1,SX2 and Super moto all featuring defferent types of traction and visual elements such as terrain shaders.
You should keep an eye out in the first 70 seconds from loading in for the plane coming in for landing from the far North Wast to the far North West
Also if you just cant stand the heat of the snowy mountains check out the water splash with roost enabled to ~30-100
Track was designed and built for terrain shaders so make sure you try max out your GFX settings with Shaders enabled.

HD version of track features everything

Med Res has 1/2 sized textures and closer LOD's

Low Res has 1/2 sized textures no grass and billboard replacements for most models

(MAC) "My PC is a heap of ****" Super low (256) Res features the bare minimum for people with entry level/All in one PC's

Special Thanks to MotoOption, RaceFactory, and everyone involved with putting this track comp together.

Track Map:

Super Low res:
Low Res:
Medium Res:

checkerz wrote:Score - Category
14 - Fun Factor (0-15)
For the record, I judged this national as the main track and considered the SX tracks and Supermoto as "bonus" content. This track felt great to me from the first lap. I never had any issues with the traction, the ruts (or mini berms) rode extremely nicely and were predictable and the layout was super flowy. And all that is before you hit a bunch of unique jumps at unique angles and battle with your buddies because the flow brings you into different lines. The scale is realistic, but definitely big enough to be fun and get some good air and move around the track. Just when I thought I had the track dialed, I started exploring some lines I thought there was no way they would work, but you'd done a great job making them competitive. I can't explain how awesome turn 16 is. And then I realized you can jump from table to table out of turn 17 and immediately was like, "Dannnggg that was sick!" Throw in a couple of SX tracks and a go kart track to mess around on and you have a fabulous track. That is without mentioning the cool transition from dirt to sand and the whole while getting a tour around an awesome looking environment.

10 - Environment (0-10)
Everything from the snow in the distance to the different dirts on each track, to variation in dirt on the outdoor to THE WATER HOSE GUYS!, and A FREAKING AIRPLANE, and shiny dirt in the mud. The environment really boosts this experience and makes it feel like you're at a super sick loamy track. I really dug the limerock type ledge by turn 17 and the laying down logs fit perfectly with the theme. And then I found the shed... with the decals on the floor, a white board and bikes on the stands, and a sick toolbox setup. You really just continued to deliver surprises and they all fit and made sense. I would've liked to see some rubber down on the supermoto in the main line and raised curbs instead of just decals, but just having it there was pretty sweet.

9 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
The fact that this track looks as good as it does and it didn't take a toll on my framerate is just purely awesome. The whole environment fits together like a puzzle and is real as can be, and then you screamed creativity with all the bonuses. The airplane, the multiple tracks, the sand section, the sweet shot with the full setup inside, to awesome looking views in the skybox.

Comments to the creator:
This track really had me saying "wow" multiple times and it's a fun track on top of all that. Multiple tracks to play with configurations, hi, low, super low versions so everyone can enjoy it, awesome visuals... this track was a clear winner for me from the get go because every i was dotted and t was crossed. You pushed the boundaries and didn't overlook any glaring details.

33 - Total points

yzmxer608 wrote:Score - Category
14 - Fun Factor (0-15)
2 SX tracks a MX and a supermoto track, offers tons of playability and all the main tracks were pretty fun. I was definitely a fan of the MX track over the SX's though. The MX had a ton of cool alternate lines and off camber sections, plus some good jumps for whipping. The sand section was fun but I thought the first left hander could use a berm or ruts in it. This was definitely the track that was played the longest for the online sessions with judges.

10 - Environment (0-10)
By FAR one of the best looking tracks to date! A ton of attention to detail from the sequence images on the watering hose, the airplane sequence flying around in the sky, the shop with the bikes and the detailed take-out plan on Zack :lol:. Some of the decals on the MX track seemed to dark, if they were lighter it would be easier to see some of the ruts and not be so distracting when riding. The supermoto seemed like an afterthought to me, I understood the racing surface not being perfectly smooth for being a home-made type track but none of the decals had straight edges for the asphalt, and the curbs weren't statues just decals. The roost on the MX track was dust, but the decals made it look like the dirt was wet loam. the sections that were shiny from the watering guy also had the same traction and roost.

The SX tracks seemed like the jumps were a little too peaky (more noticeable on the dirt SX) overall I thought the sand SX was the better out of the two.

8 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
Maybe besides the creek jump I think this compound is pretty realistic, and is very creative with all the little details you put into it. It's very apparent you spent a lot of time on this track.

Comments to the creator:
Definitely a track that raises the bar and what was expected out of one of the top tracks of this competition. So much attention to detail.

32 - Total points

Pumaxcs wrote:Score - Category
11 - Fun Factor (0-15)
The tracks to me didn't feel entirely that fun. That MX is was nice, lots of sections that were cool and fun but overall I never got that feeling during our rotations that I wanted this track to be the next one or I wanted to come back. I would think that I hit a cool section and go to another cool section but there would be one in between that didn't flow from one corner to the next or just felt forced to get from point A to point B, almost like you had these cool idea's for a straight but never had a full idea for a track and made it as you went. SX2 was fun and really enjoyed that track and I could easily find the flow in the scetions and made for some fun racing, singleplayer though it just turned into another SX track. SX1 was something I just didn't get and I'm almost certain the section after turn 3 didn't have a rhythm you just made it.

9 - Environment (0-10)
If I said this wasn't the prettiest thing my pants would be on fire. Everything about this track was just the prettiest and best that this game has seen. The setting, on track, off track, objects, textures, really just everything. Stunning. One thing, the dude watering the track, I loved the effect you did with the decal but making him a billboard and duplicating him like 3 times bothered the hell out of me and in comparison to the rest of the track he stood out so much so that I hated him even more.

10- Creativity and realism (0-10)
You kidding? This felt and looked so much like something I could stumble across in eastern Canada. There was a plane flying for Christ sake! I don't need another excuse.

Comments to the creator:
The gate dropped and I was stuck just staring at things. I can only admire what you can do graphically and hope that you never, ever leave.

30 - Total points

Phathry25 wrote:Score - Category
13 - Fun Factor (0-15)
The tracks don't ride amazingly, but are still pretty damn good. Not all the insides on the MX track are the fastest lines and that's a huge plus. That sand section felt a little awkward, and some of the ruts and berms didn't offer enough run out to get you pointed in the right direction. Traction was good, and I liked that it varied from track to track. The SX tracks seemed a little "soft." IMO the jumps needed to be a little sharper in order to sell the SX feel.

9 - Environment (0-10)
I just love it. From the variety of the decals, to the worlds fastest track waterer this track just screams attention to detail when it comes to the environment. The roost was a little dusty and overkill and didn't match the dirt on the MX track. The traction wasn't any different where the track was being watered. Norms were a little strong, and your pallet was too saturated for my tastes.

9 - Creativity and realism (0-10)
Once again you just blew me away with your attention to detail, and the lengths that you went to to tie it all together.

Comments to the creator:
I just love your attention to detail, so much so that I can look past the slightly strong normal maps and over saturated pallet. You just tied everything together so well that I couldn't stop playing this track just to ride around and soak it all in.

31 - Total points

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby chase_desselle#27 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:22 am

best track :D

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Ryan721 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:35 am


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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby AWood » Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:05 am


This and renton i feel are like the James Stewart compound was when it was released. pushing the limits of visual and sickness.
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Ddavis » Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:17 am

Terrain and everything is sick, textures are mind blowing, track wise not the best out of em, but the visuals are mind blowing.
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Liddzor » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:58 am

This track (tracks) was awesome ! Love it !!!

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby ---RiLeY---151--- » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:11 pm

who made this track? it's so sick

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Ohagan75 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:40 pm

---RiLeY---151--- wrote:who made this track? it's so sick

You're not allowed to know until after the fan vote is done
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Cody Darr » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:50 pm

Just amazing visuals. Mx is gnar gnar! Sx is good too, this is a podium track!
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby dani22 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:54 pm

I'd like to know who the creator of this is. Just to ask for an autograph.
Fuck this is sick, when i just tryed it... i saw many many details and the environment was full of things! I just had fun at that guy "taking water" on the track.
Great work on here, definatelly this is the one that most deserved a win! Seems to have loads of hours behind!
thanks man, i have porn for this coming weekend ahahahah. :D

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby MinnesotaMX » Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:22 am

Incredible environment, just WOW. This place is stunning to look at in game in HD on Hi-Res graphics settings. The MX track is pretty fun, LOVE the traction all around, including the sand. I think it could use a few more jumps but that's not a huge deal. The SX tracks are a blast once you work your rhythm down!
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby al167 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:23 am

who says mxs has bad graphics????
wowsers!! those visuals are just ridiculous!!!! amazing finishing touches. its amazing that it doesn't lag. renton is visually amazing too, but runs at 1/3 the fps of this one. this is now the benchmark for visuals!!!

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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Robert196 » Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:52 pm

Visuals = 10/10

Doesn't ride the BEST out of all of them, but its visuals evens it out.

IMO Renton MX and Motosport Compound should have tied. :lol:
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby BGnastyy905 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:32 am

Can't even play this track, even with the super-low res downloaded...... 10 fps :cry:
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Re: MotoOption TC Entry - Motosport Compound

Postby Jay » Thu Sep 26, 2013 11:02 am

the main cause of lag with this track and Renton is poly count... I found that when you change your model geometric detail to 0-30 it almost illuminates lag completely on both track even with your texture detail settings still maxed.

Hope that helped

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