2015 EMF "Conceptgraff" PreSeason Rd3 V-Roll Village

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2015 EMF "Conceptgraff" PreSeason Rd3 V-Roll Village

Postby M@xTizZz » Tue Dec 15, 2015 1:27 am


===╬ Track's precision ╬===
This is the final round of the official pre-season SX serie hosted on EMF and sponsorized by Conceptgraff MXS
Topic of the serie | PRO here | Amateur here
Sign up PRO | here
Sign up Amateur | here

===╬ Track's preview ╬===

===╬ Download mediafire link ╬===
High RESOLUTION - 48.2 Mo
Low RESOLUTION - 26.9 Mo

===╬ Credits ╬===
Conceptgraff (D.Leroux) : built the whole track.
Checkers : Sx template
Haggvist : GPs objects
EMF : hosting
JLV : game
M.Tison & B.Gouttesoulard : beta testing
A.Saulys : video edit
I'm waiting for the complete list of credits made by David.

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