2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds

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Re: 2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds

Post by Burkeen820 »

mxr449 wrote:
Burkeen820 wrote:To be completely honest, I really didn't like the tracks you made for your spring series this year because of how wfo and easy they were. You've done a way better job with this series, and these last 2 tracks are easily the best you've made in my opinion. They are super fun, offer multiple rhythms and lines, and are great to race on while being super creative. Thank you for a great series of tracks and keep it up!!
KTM57 wrote:Yeah, this track is killer. The straight with the sand section under the tunnel is super fun.

Thanks for the nice comments! I had a few people say that about the spring series so I tried to change it up a bit. I'm glad I did now that you guys are liking it!

My tracks have always been pretty fast and I usually only ride a 250f while building tracks. For this series, I started testing on the 450 as well as the 250 and I think it gave the tracks a good balance of difficulty for both bikes. It was difficult for me with how spread out my tracks usually are. I would have a section built perfect for a 250 and not be happy with the flow for 450s. I spent a lot of time building these tracks and it's comments like this that keep me wanting to build more. Thanks again for taking the time to give me feedback. I always keep this stuff in mind when i'm working on my next project.
No problem, you killed it with these!! Excited to see what you have for next time
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Re: 2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds

Post by Ddavis »

Great track Blake!
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Re: 2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds

Post by JakeT3 »

Track is amazing.
Layout is really great, rythm sections are really fun, it has a realistic feel to it and the fun factor is just 11/10.
Great job, really liked the first 3 rounds but this one stands out even more.
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Re: 2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds

Post by 137 »

I just had the chance to ride all of the tracks and I gotta say .. Holy damn! I love the flow and how it really separates the 250s and 450s. The jumps aren't too peaky nor flat faces and I can't say how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into these tracks! Great job, keep up the good work and I hope to see some of these type of tracks in 2016 SX!
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