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Postby Melle0305 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:19 am

Hi this is a track i made. It is Motocross and Endurocross. Hope you like it.

Thanks to:
DJ99X, mecke96, Bradclay306 and jgmtbike for the objects
Tony Spinnelli for decals
jlv for the game

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Re: TheSwedishWaterPark

Postby cale726 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:31 am

looks fun :D
jlv wrote:This unban is going to last maybe two days...
I figured I'd give him a chance after winning the 450 main. Bad idea I know.


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Re: TheSwedishWaterPark

Postby 317 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:33 am


Track is sick! Awesome environment too. Good work man!

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Tiago Freitas #23
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Re: TheSwedishWaterPark

Postby Tiago Freitas #23 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:49 pm

Awesome track dude! GOOD WORK :D

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Re: TheSwedishWaterPark

Postby Bobber113 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:09 pm

really loving this track!!

Anyone got this on a server for some multiplayer this is a sick map

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Tommy black
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Re: TheSwedishWaterPark

Postby Tommy black » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:21 pm

Went straight ham on the water placement but its really good! :D :D

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