Ridlife Mx non dirty version

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hazz mazz
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Ridlife Mx non dirty version

Postby hazz mazz » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:03 pm

THIS IS THE SAME TRACK AS RIDELIFE MX BUT REMOVED BOOBS SO YOU CAN PUT IT ON YOUTUBE WITHOUT CENSORING BEST TO DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION NO DIFFERENT NAME IN GAME JUST DRAG AND DROP AND CLICK REPLACE Hi here is my first proper track in this game and made it for some fun and it consists in the three wonderfull things in life big jumps big whips and tylyn
i put some time into this but didnt go savage please let me know how you got on dont go to harsh as only first track big uphills different section a on big jump for a 450 but you have to get it perfect let me know if you find it!!!!!(in game Ridelife)
CREDIT sys raceway
thanks to anyone i forgot and storken for online vids and sys

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