2017 RaceFactory Gaming National Rd06: Red Buddddd

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Re: 2017 RaceFactory Gaming National Rd06: Red Buddddd

Postby zen-ef » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:24 pm

aeffertz wrote:
zen-ef wrote:Dude I've been on here 5 years, I am not a idiot and would know how to simply extract a rar and place it in my personal folder not in a sub folder..........like once in a blue moon I may but if it does not work I will check to see if it is in a sub folder. I have the correct high res objects and the high res track so I fail to see what I have done wrong (nothing). cheers for your no help input.

I just deleted the files from my personal folder and downloaded the two links provided in the first post of this thread. Put them in my personal folder and the track works fine, just like it has for everyone else.

Go through the process again, you messed up somewhere.

And you don't think that's what I did and for your information more than once..... Anyways I'm not even that fussed about it as the 2018 version I downloaded is much better but again thanks for your patronising responses implying I cannot simply download 2 files and put them into a correct folder! :mrgreen:

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