Track MB_supermot2020

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Track MB_supermot2020

Post by maxicross111 »

bonjour, a tous voici mon nouveau track de supermot avec deux partie terre

En esperant qu'il vous plait.


hello, everyone here is my new supermot track with two ground parts

Hope you like it. ... 0.rar/file
Kévin Rouanne
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Re: Track MB_supermot2020

Post by Kévin Rouanne »

no screens, no DL
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Re: Track MB_supermot2020

Post by linusenglund__ »

Kévin Rouanne wrote:no screens, no DL
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Re: Track MB_supermot2020

Post by edodane »


Ok, the track has a good potential but it needs some improvement:
-Tarmac should not erode
-Flat kerbs are useless, also they need a better mesh
-Jump and rhytmic sections should be smoothed
-Shading graphic fix

With some more hours of work could be a very good track
Cody D
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Re: Track MB_supermot2020

Post by Cody D »

so sick
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Re: Track MB_supermot2020

Post by mx201 »

Kévin Rouanne wrote: Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:25 pm no screens, no DL
Quite rude dont ya think
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