2021 T&R Supercross Round 1

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2021 T&R Supercross Round 1

Post by Trevdawg197 »

2021 T&R SX Round 1 | Sacramento, CA

Not sure if I am actually going to be doing a series myself on these tracks, but I have had these track layouts done for so long I figured I'd release them

Couldn't do this track without
Jay - Stadium from the 2013 Australian SX Round 5
SMR 510RR - Track Objects
JLV - The game that continues to be the best
Anyone else who has contributed to the objects I placed

Round 1 and 10 (10 is basically an object pack)
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Re: 2021 T&R Supercross Round 1

Post by tystick214 »

TRACKS ARE FIRE :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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