Prime Motocross

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Prime Motocross

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Hello and welcome to my 2nd release of my track called Prime Motocross! This track features a Hangtown Halfpipe, 3 good sized whip jumps, a wall into a roller section and a corner uphill/hip jump into a roller section. This build only took a couple days to make. Erode works on the track. If you have any tips, please comment them. Ill take any tips


Download ...

Tilemap - Moto 40
Decals - Loxton Race Park
Statues - JGMX: Not a Stock Track Raceway
Skybox - WCTD: 2019 Underground Mx
The boys who helped test it out
Palm 189 for helping me out configuring some things

If you have any issues with the track, download these tracks to see if it will solve the problem
Moto 40 -
Loxton Race Park - ... on#p895013
JGMX: Not a Stock Track Raceway -

WCTD: 2019 Underground Mx
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Re: Prime Motocross

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damn shits prime
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