2022 Boot's House MM National Round 4

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2022 Boot's House MM National Round 4

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2022 Boot's House MM National Round 4

The 4th and final round of the 2022 Boot's House Mini Moto Nationals starts tonight at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT. Qualifying is now open on 19876 and 19884. Join the discord linked below for more information and click the mxs lobby link below to sign up. Good luck and have fun!

Important Info: You need round 1 and round 2 downloaded (linked below). For the playdough to work you must 1. download the track and the playdough 2. drag the track into your mx sim folder 3. drag the folder inside of the playdough folder into mx sim folder 4. click replace items on pop up. If you don't have a pop up asking you to replace an item, then you have done something wrong.


Round 1 & 2 (Needed for Round 4)

Series Info

Race Signups

Join the Discord for more Information!
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