Lakeshore Beach

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Lakeshore Beach

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Lakeshore Beach

Hello everyone,
after my shitty first track, I decided to have a go at another track... I made some improvements (or so I hope) on my ruts, track width and generally how realistic the track rides and looks. I definetly have a lot more learning to do but my track-making skills are getting better. I hope you enjoy and your feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!! :mrgreen: .



TRACK DECALS: JGMX: Riverside Raceway
TREES: 2021 Moto Sandbox
GRASS AND BUSHES: JGMX: Riverside Raceway
WATER: JGMX: Riverside Raceway
GARAGE ON THE HILL: Herrick´s Compound
SKYBOX: SlickDog
EXCAVATOR: 2021 Moto Sandbox
EXCAVATOR TRACKS: PurpleRocksCompound.

ENJOY!!! or don´t, I can´t tell you what to do :lol:
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