*** Official begging topic ***

I've heard conversation coming out of animal pens that is more intelligent than what is going on in here.
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Re: *** Official begging topic ***

Postby aeffertz » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:37 pm

This is such a good thread. I love how every time it’s “I know how this community is” as if everyone else in the world just gives hand outs to anybody that asks.

John’s family tree still cracks me up. :lol:

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Re: I need your help

Postby moto28 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:39 am

RXR_Banjo wrote:Dakota, life lesson will follow:

Im 27 now with a really good job (sales rep for a hign end flooring company), when i was 13, i wanted a dirt bike soooo bad, my mom was alone with me (dad is an asshole) and she was making 45-50K / year at that time, she couldnt afford anything ‘’luxury’’, including dirt bikes and stuff like that. I decided to work my ass off in the summers (mowing lawn, and not 1-2 per week... i was doing 35-40 hours per week!) , i had so much money for a 13 yr old child it was so nice! I never bought a dirt bike cuz she never wanted (she knew i would spend too much $$) but i learned something really important : work for what you want and set objectives, it will be alot easier to achieve them! I continued to work alot from 14 to 21-22 then I graduated from university and now have a good job, i bought my first bike at 24 yr old and jeez i understand why my mom did not let me spend 3K on a used bike back then haha!

Not saying its a bas idea that u have but think about it!

I know I’m bumping an old post but I just couldn’t help but share because your story reminds me a lot of mine.
My whole childhood I’ve always had some of the best bikes money could buy, at times my dad bought me 2 practice bikes and a race bike. We always had nice campers etc. until one day my parents just decided to make me quit motocross altogether. Never wanted to, never really even got a reason other than it’s just too dangerous as I was getting on bigger bikes and getting faster. Fast forward from that day a year or two I was begging to get another bike. It is actually kind of odd, my dad spent so much time with me working on bikes washing bikes going to training camps with me and doing everything he could to make me the best racer and we just quit, and he has never since liked the sport and to this day still doesn’t even like talking about it anymore.
But when I was 11 I started working on our farm over the summer and I was making a solid $8 an hour and all I did was just work more hours if I needed more money. There were times I was working up to 85 hours a week (that’s probably even illegal for a 11 year old but fuck it) I made the money to buy a dirt bike myself at 14 years old and I had to ask my uncle to drive me to the dealership cause my dad wouldn’t even take me. Bought a brand new 2013 yz250f that I still have to this day. I would absolutely love a brand new bike but having this older bike has made me appreciate just how much I love the sport as a whole and not just the glamour. I’m nowhere near fast enough anymore to need a brand new bike to make any difference anyways. I’m just proud of what I’ve earned myself, and honestly those depressing 3 years of work are probably the most beneficial years of my entire life to date. Completely changed me as a person.

I said all of that to say this: xkx, if you’re still wanting a newer bike it’s not impossible to earn. I made $1 above minimum wage and made the money in 3 years over summer as a kid. It sucks ass, but you’ll be so much more proud of what you’ve accomplished than any GoFundme could ever provide.
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