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I've heard conversation coming out of animal pens that is more intelligent than what is going on in here.
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Re: 2017 Supercross Discussion

Postby SMR 510RR » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:23 am

DCreedz#523 wrote:
SMR 510RR wrote:
Ddavis wrote:
Musquin signed a contract with KTM to win races, not ride half ass and sit behind Dungey.

I know but he could have at least made it seem hard. He flew right by like Dungey was a lapper or something.

Sorry man but that makes absolutely no sense. Go and watch the 450 Podium Press Conference.

I was joking. It is a unique situation though that they have two podium riders on the same team, at least in the 450 class. Usually you have one top 5 guy and one top 10 or 15 guy. IDK if I could train with someone who is taking points from me in the championship, that is a tough place to be IMO. Of course Dungey doesn't expect Marvin to let him win but that doesn't mean he doesn't expect to win. He can not be mad at Marvin for doing better than him while still being mad he got 3rd instead of 2nd if that makes sense.

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