learning MSX is like learning an instrument

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learning MSX is like learning an instrument

Postby falcon8er » Fri May 19, 2017 2:58 pm

i picked up a bass about 5 years ago. i heard a really cool bass lick and wanted to play it, that was my motivation to learn. Now 5 years later i can play the lick i hearad and many more and can jam and groove all day long.

Now i was cruising around youtube a few months ago and stumbled upon MXS edits and was so amazed, that same feeling of wanting to do than overwhelmed my senses so i did my research and eventually purchased the game.

that feeling you get when you first hold an instrument is almost exactly like the feeling of being in control of my MXS rider for the first time. WTF do i do! How are others so good, why do i suck, the others MUST be doing something different than me to be that good. as i continued to practice my understanding of all things MXS became more and more apparent that it was just like learning an instrument. for instance, a bass has tone knobs and the amp has tone knobs and to get a decent tone these must all be performing in unison but to understand what they do takes time, no one can instantly teach you how to properly set them. Similar to MXS's stability & suspension settings these vary from person to person, but a starting point really is all you need, that starting point is to just START, start doing and eventually the understanding of all these things fall into place. For some it happens faster than others BUT it will fall into place if you continue.

I understand that alot of things in life are like this but i related it to music as i have walked that road. You actaully have to have patience and practice to be good at some things in life!


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