Mark Mcmorris Infinite Air physics

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Mark Mcmorris Infinite Air physics

Postby mace-x » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:56 pm

Just wanted you guys to know that mark mcmorris infinite air is on sale, 50% off, an awesome deal to support an awesome game.
The physics are quite good and rewarding, it´s like landing a fat whip or do a good lap in mx bikes or mx sim and the controls are like ea´s Skate series, is worth every penny.
It also includes a super fun and complete Terrain editor, and a game workshop to share terrains and stuff, also it has procedural mountains, so much fun!
overall great fun for little money and the devs are waiting for more sales to keep pushing updates so a little support would be nice.

you can go nuts with the editor too hahahaha.

last but not least, the career sucks, it´s like a tutorial but is not worth it, the freeride, park editing and workshop is fantastic.
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