MXGP3 Online Championship!

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MXGP3 Online Championship!

Postby Mx644 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:21 pm

Hello fellah's!

I've been talking with some friends and we concluded that a online championship would be nice. Like a real official one! Not one you just throw together in a multiplayer lobby. So here I present to you the MXGP3 Online Champoinship Season 1!!!!

So far we have some riders but I figured I'd go here and ask some race hungry beasts of MXS players to see if any one wished to join in on the fun! This might be put on youtube though it's unsure.

To let you all conclude if you wish to race or not is up to you! I will leave a link with some rules and also a link to a video. It's just me ripping on a 125 so don't worry. Anyway, hope you will join us and feel free to think up some ideas for rules or other stuff. ... edit#gid=0


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