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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:12 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
Lee Johnston is on a tear this season...

TT 2019: Johnston Joins TT Winners Circle, Completes International Road Racing’s ‘Triple Crown’
By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 4, 2019

Pulsating competition, gripping battles, numerous lead changes and the good old unpredictable weather made yesterday evening’s opening Monster Energy Supersport encounter, one to remember.

The full round up of each twist and turn of a race, ultimately decided after just two laps, is as follows:

Lap 1:

Just 4.9 seconds, yes you heard that right covered the top 8 competitors at Glen Helen, with James Hillier slotting into an early lead, just 1.367 clear of Ashcourt Racing’s Lee Johnston, Gary Johnson moved into third, as Dean Harrison, PreZ Racing’s Jamie Coward and Michael Dunlop completed the top six.

Hillier upped the race lead to 1.691 at Ballaugh Bridge, but by Ramsey Hairpin the lead was trimmed down to under 0.7 of a second, as seven times International Road Race winner Johnston got the hammer down.

By the Bungalow, Johnston was the race leader by 1.27 seconds, which extended to 2.7 seconds at Cronk Ny Mona. Come the completion of lap 1, Johnston’s lead stood at a slightly reduced distance of 1.9 seconds.

Second placed Hillier who had briefly dropped behind RST Superbike winner Hickman, was just over 1.9 seconds in front of the factory supported Triumph racer.

Three seconds behind Hickman in fourth place was RAF Regular & Reserves supported Johnson, Silicone Engineering Racing’s Harrison occupied fifth, 18 times TT winner Dunlop held sixth, with just 12 and a half seconds covering the top six.

Lap 2:

3.94 seconds clear at Glen Helen, popular race leader Johnston continued to set on lap two, an impressive, accomplished, consistent pace.

By Ballaugh though, the battle for race honours was very much back on, as Hillier got Johnston’s advantage down to just 0.656 of a second.

0.7 ahead at Ramsey Hairpin, Johnston pulled clear of Hillier at the Bungalow and at Cronk Ny Mona, and by the end of lap two, held a 3.64 second advantage.

TROOPER Triumph mounted Hickman remained in third place, and was only 1.326 behind Hillier, whilst fourth place was held by Ulster GP lap record holder Harrison.

With rain reported at areas such as Rhencullen around the Mountain Course, it wasn’t to surprising to see Clerk of The Course make the decision to call the opening Supersport race, after two laps.

This meant that Ashcourt Racing’s Lee Johnston joined for the first time, the TT winners circle. Now an eight times International Road Race winner, Johnston has joined a select group of competitors to have completed International Road Racing’s ‘Triple Crown’, scooping victories at the North West 200, Ulster GP and now TT Races.

Declared race runner up Hillier, although obviously a bit disappointed to not double his TT wins tally, was full of praise for new TT champion Johnston.

Smiths Racing’s Hickman finalised the podium finishers, whilst 4th, 5th, 6th sixth place finishes were clinched respectively by Harrison, Dunlop and Milenco by Padgett’s Conor Cummins.

2011, 2014 Supersport TT champ Gary Johnson placed seventh, PreZ Racing’s Jamie Coward banked eighth as Davey Todd and Ian Hutchinson concluded the top ten finishers.

Outside of the aforementioned competitors, others to acquire impressive results included Derek Sheils (11th), Paul Jordan (12th), Davies Motorsport’s Dominic Herbertson (13th), Xavier Denis (18th) and Manx GP graduate Michael Browne (20th).

Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 1 result, is as follows:

1 Lee Johnston
2 James Hillier
3 Peter Hickman
4 Dean Harrison
5 Michael Dunlop
6 Conor Cummins
7 Gary Johnson
8 Jamie Coward
9 Davey Todd
10 Ian Hutchinson
11 Derek Sheils
12 Paul Jordan
13 Dominic Herbertson
14 David Johnson
15 Michael Sweeney
16 Sam West
17 John McGuinness
18 Xavier Denis
19 Horst Saiger
20 Michael Browne
21 Michal Dokoupil
22 Darren Cooper
23 Adrian Harrison
24 Rob Hodson

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:16 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
Back to normal...

TT 2019: Weather Emerges Victorious As Tuesday Race Action Abandoned
By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 4, 2019

Many predicted it, but it’s still disappointing to report that Tuesday’s race action at TT 2019, has been abandoned due to once again, the unpredictable, inclement weather on Manx shores.

Commenting via Twitter, on the cancellation of today’s competition on the fabled, mythical Mountain Course, TT Clerk of The Course Gary Thompson MBE BEM, stated:

“Today’s schedule cancelled due to poor weather. Low cloud/fog mist and rain for most of the day, sometimes heavy, sometimes light.

No chance for roads to dry. Heli ops severely disrupted/not possible. Revised schedule for tomorrow to be issued by 1:00 PM. GT.”

As mentioned by Thompson MBE BEM, the schedule for Wednesday’s proposed race action will be revealed at 1:00 PM, with Wednesday’s race itinerary anticipated to now include the four lap Royal London 360 Superstock race.

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Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:51 am
by TeamHavocRacing
Holy Testicle Thursday! Check this shit out! Will it go off?

TT 2019: Five Races In A Day Planned, Following Thursday Schedule Announcement
By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 5, 2019

Five races in a day, it’s not a notion you wouldn’t usually associate with the TT Races, but for tomorrow this is on the horizon, following recently announced changes to Thursday’s race schedule.

Roads are scheduled to close at 11:30 AM, with race action planned to get underway from 12:35 PM, with the second Monster Energy Supersport encounter, which will run over a reduced distance of just two laps!

The second Sidecar race (1:50 PM) will also take place over two laps, whilst the Bennetts Lightweight race (6:30 PM) also carries a two lap distance.

The prior Royal London 360 Superstock race (2:55 PM) new race distance, now stands at just three laps.

Additional confirmed race action for tomorrow is the one lap SES TT Zero race, scheduled to take place from 7:20 PM.

TT 2019: Thursday practice/race schedule in full, is as follows:

11:30 AM TT Course closes
11:50 AM Senior/Superstock practice
12:35 PM Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2 – 2 Laps
1:50 PM Sidecar TT Race 2 – 2 Laps
2:55 PM Royal London 360 Superstock TT – 3 Laps

6:30 PM Bennetts Lightweight TT – 2 Laps
7:20 PM SES TT Zero – 1 Lap
8:00 PM Senior TT practice – 1 Lap

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Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:53 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
It's finally feeling like a proper TT fortnight!

TT 2019: Fourth TT Success For Hickman, Triumph’s First Supersport Victory Since 2014
By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 6, 2019

10 minutes behind schedule the second Monster Energy Supersport race of TT 2019, broke cover, with Milenco by Padgetts Conor Cummins again the first to make the ultra rapid trip down to Bray Hill and beyond.

Lap 1:

Not known for his fast starts to TT affiliated races, it was Peter Hickman who squeezed into a tiny race lead at Glen Helen of 0.061 of a second over James Hillier, with Dean Harrison just a further 0.354 behind.

It was all change out front at Ballaugh Bridge, as Silicone Engineering Racing’s Harrison grabbed the race lead, with Hillier maintaining second. Hickman dropped back to third as just over 0.6 of a second covered the top three.

Soon it was all change again amongst the leading trio, with Hickman moving back into the race lead, heading Harrison by 0.038 of a second.

By the time Hickman reached the Bungalow, the race lead stood at an extended margin of 1.79 seconds. Harrison in second was now only 0.9 clear of Hillier, whilst local hero, fourth placed Cummins maintained close proximity in the battle for the podium placings.

Come the completion of lap 1, Hickman’s modest race lead stood at 2.3 seconds over Harrison, Hillier third was a further 0.9 behind.

Cummins remained fourth as PreZ Racing’s Jamie Coward and RAF Regular & Reserves supported Gary Johnson finalised the top six.

Lap 2:

In a determined frame of mind, Harrison who passed Cummins to lead the race on the road, was also on the timing screens back into the race lead, leading Hickman at Glen Helen by only half a second, another scintillating last lap battle between Harrison and Hickman was very much on the horizon!

Another race leadership change arose at Ballaugh Bridge, with Hickman reclaiming the advantage, leading Harrison by just over three tenths of a second.

Hillier in third place, was now four seconds behind the two quickest Mountain Course competitors, who were treating the large crowd on Manx shores today, to a truly gripping battle for class honours.

It was nip and tuck at Ramsey Hairpin, with virtually nothing separating Harrison and Hickman, but by the Bungalow Hickman’s prowess on the Mountain section of the TT course, began to bare fruit, with the race lead growing to almost one second.

Proving again why he is regarded by many as the world’s leading International Road Racer, Peter Hickman crossed the line at the end of the second and last lap, to emerge victorious by 3.3 seconds over Ulster GP, Oliver’s Mount lap record holder Harrison.

Hickman’s race victory, takes his total of TT wins to four, it’s also his first Supersport TT success and Triumph’s first TT victory since 2014.

Rounding out the rostrum finishers behind Hickman and Harrison, was the ever consistent, dependable, reliable, Quattro Plant Wicked Coatings Kawasaki lead rider James Hillier.

Conor Cummins finished fourth, whilst Jamie Coward secured a new personal best TT finish, finishing an excellent fifth in front of 18 times TT winner Michael Dunlop.

Placing’s 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th were clinched respectively by Davey Todd, Gary Johnson, Monster Energy Supersport race 1 victor Lee Johnston and Honda Racing’s David Johnson.

Others to impress outside the top ten included Paul Jordan (11th), Sam West (13th), Davies Motorsport’s Dominic Herbertson (14th), Michael Browne (18th), James Chawke (20th) and Joe Akroyd (22nd).

Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 2 result, is as follows:

1 Peter Hickman
2 Dean Harrison
3 James Hillier
4 Conor Cummins
5 Jamie Coward
6 Michael Dunlop
7 Davey Todd
8 Gary Johnson
9 Lee Johnston
10 David Johnson
11 Paul Jordan
12 Derek Sheils
13 Sam West
14 Dominic Herbertson
15 John McGuinness
16 Michael Sweeney
17 Horst Saiger
18 Michael Browne
19 Xavier Denis
20 James Chawke
21 Michal Dokoupil
22 Joe Akroyd
23 Phil Crowe
24 Tom Weeden
25 Rob Hodson
26 Brian McCormack
27 Rhys Hardisty
28 Michael Booth
29 Julian Trummer
30 Darren Cooper
31 Timothee Monot
32 Richard Wilson
33 Raul Torras Martinez
34 Adrian Harrison
35 Dave Hewson
36 Mike Norbury
37 Josh Daley
38 Richard Charlton
39 Frank Gallagher
40 Jim Hodson
41 Mark Parrett
42 Morgan Govignon
43 Rob Whittall
44 Jonathan Perry
45 Masayuki Yamanaka
46 Ray Casey
47 Dave Moffitt
48 Matt Rees
49 Miroslav Sloboda
50 Paul Williams
51 Matt Mylchreest
52 Nicolas Pautet
53 Jonathan Goetschy
54 David Datzer
55 Justin Collins
56 Forest Dunn

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Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:54 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
TT 2019: Birchalls Equal Agostini, Lougher, Fisher On TT Victories, Consolidate Legendary Reputation

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 6, 2019

After their peerless performance in the opening Sidecar race, many were predicting that the Birchall brothers Ben & Tom would go into double figures, TT wins wise today. Would this prove the case?

Lap 1:

In decent conditions on lap 1 at Glen Helen the all conquering Birchall brothers surged into an early lead, heading Silicone Barnes Racing’s John Holden/Lee Cain by just over a second. Occupying third was Alan Founds/Jake Lowther, Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley held fourth.

Technical misfortune then went onto strike Founds/Lowther’s outfit forcing them out of contention, allowing Founds/Walmsley to slot into third at Ballaugh Bridge, were the Birchall’s maintained a very slender advantage of only 0.9 of a second.

Under pressure from Holden/Cain, the Birchall’s upped the ante on the run up to Ramsey Hairpin, moving the race lead to plus 2.7 seconds.

The race lead extended to 6.27 seconds at the Bungalow, then grew further at Cronk Ny Mona to nine seconds.

As lap 1 concluded, the Haith backed Birchall’s held a 10.602 advantage over Holden/Cain. Founds/Walmsley remained third, Blackstock/Rosney occupied fourth as Molyneux/Payne and Reeves/Wilkes finalised the top six.

Notable retirements towards the completion of lap 1 included Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle, whilst outstanding Mountain Course newcomers Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe, second Sidecar TT race stint, ended before the race started due to major technical issues.

Lap 2:

13 seconds clear at Glen Helen, 14.6 clear at Ballaugh Bridge, the Birchall’s were homing in on another piece of TT history.

As on Monday afternoon, maintaining a rapid, relentless pace, Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall crossed the chequered flag at the end of the second and last lap, to take their total of TT victories to ten.

Seven Sidecar race victories in a row, level on TT wins with Rob Fisher, Ian Lougher, Stanley Woods, and the legendary Giacomo Agostini, you can’t laud enough plaudits onto the now unquestioned TT legends.

John Holden/Lee Cain who for the sixth Sidecar TT race in a row, finished runners up, were 20 and a half seconds behind the Birchall brothers.

Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley rounded out the podium finishers, whilst Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes battled their way to a solid fourth place finish.

Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde secured fifth, Optimark Road Racing’s Estelle Leblond/Frank Claeys finished a fine sixth, as Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney, Allan Schofield/Steve Thomas, John Lowther/Scott Hardie and Dave Molyneux/Harry Payne wrapped up the top ten finishers. Sidecar TT race 2 result, is as follows:

1 Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall
2 John Holden/Lee Cain
3 Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley
4 Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes
5 Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde
6 Estelle Leblond/Frank Claeys
7 Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney
8 Allan Schofield/Steve Thomas
9 John Lowther/Scott Hardie
10 Dave Molyneux/Harry Payne
11 Dan Knight/Matthew Rostron
12 Darren Hope/Lenny Bumfrey
13 Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers
14 John Saunders/James Saunders
15 Andy King/Alun Thomas
16 Mick Alton/Stephen Bonney
17 Maria Costello MBE/Julie Canipa
18 Francois Leblond/Marlene Couillard
19 Gary Knight/Daniel Evanson
20 Dave Quirk/Karl Schofield
21 John Shipley/Andrew Haynes
22 Brian Alflatt/Aaron Gorman
23 Kevin Thornton/David Hainsworth
24 Mark Codd/Liam Gordon

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Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:56 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
TT 2019: Sizzling Hickman Retains Superstock Crown, Johnson Pips Dunlop For First TT Podium

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 6, 2019

Blue skies, the sun beaming down upon the Grandstand, an entry brimmed with world class, super human quality, the stage was set for one of the most competitive Superstock TT’s of modern times, as race action got underway at 3:10 PM.

Lap 1:

Ominously early into formidable form, Smiths Racing’s Peter Hickman held at Glen Helen on lap 1, an advantage of pretty much 1.7 seconds over respected rival, Silicone Engineering Racing’s Dean Harrison.

Hickman’s lead grew to 2.32 at Ballaugh Bridge, whilst third place was held by an on the charge Michael Dunlop, as James Hillier, Conor Cummins and Michael Rutter finalised the top six.

The run to Ramsey Hairpin proved as at previous sectors very productive, for outright lap record holder Hickman, extending his race advantage to nigh on four seconds.

The race lead by Cronk Ny Mona stood at eight seconds! By the time he entered the pits for his mandatory pit stop, Hickman’s lead was plus nine seconds over Harrison, with third placed Dunlop just a further 4.2 behind.

Hillier, Honda Racing’s David Johnson, number 1 plate holder Cummins completed the top six at the end of a pulsating opening lap, which saw race leader Hickman top the 132 mph lap mark.

Lap 2:

Following the scheduled pit stops, Harrison trimmed Hickman’s advantage by three seconds at Glen Helen, now standing 5.8 behind the reigning Superstock TT champion.

It was normal service resumed at Ballaugh Bridge, with Hickman stretching the race lead to almost seven seconds.

By Ramsey Hairpin his race advantage dipped over the 9 second mark, whilst the journey to the Bungalow proved even more productive, moving a further four seconds clear of Harrison, taking the overall lead to 13.13 seconds.

At the completion of lap two, Hickman enjoyed a very healthy lead of 16 and a half seconds over Harrison. Dunlop remained in third place, but was steadily coming under pressure from lead Honda runner Johnson, with the battle for third separated by just under 3.26 seconds.

Cummins occupied fifth, Bathams-Aspire Ho supported Rutter held sixth, whilst Quattro Plant Wicked Coatings Kawasaki’s Hillier who was handed a thirty second pit lane speeding penalty, dropped back to seventh.

Lap 3:

18 seconds clear at Glen Helen, there was no stopping runaway race leader Hickman during the early part of the third and final lap.

Outside Hickman and Harrison, the battle for third was hotting up, as Adelaide’s Johnson overhauled Dunlop for third, with only 0.124 of a second covering them at Ballaugh Bridge.

Photo by Nick Wheeler

Dunlop reclaimed third position at Ramsey Hairpin, moving half a second clear of Johnson, as class pace setter Hickman moved one step closer to Superstock TT glory, holding a now ultra strong 22 second advantage.

There was no change within the leading group at the Bungalow, but the battle for third between Dunlop and Johnson, continued to captivate the large crowd around the TT course, with still under a second covering the evenly matched duo.

As Peter Hickman clinched in style a fifth TT victory, second successive Royal London 360 Superstock TT triumph, by a margin of 26 seconds over Dean Harrison, the battle for third concluded in dramatic style as David Johnson secured a maiden TT rostrum finish by only 0.208 of a second, over 18 times TT winner Michael Dunlop.

Milenco by Padgetts Conor Cummins finished fifth, Michael Rutter clinched sixth, James Hillier as aforementioned hampered by a pit lane speeding infringement was seventh, whilst Davey Todd and PreZ Racing’s Jamie Coward both impressed in acquiring very respectable eighth, ninth place finishes.

RAF Regular & Reserves Kawasaki’s Gary Johnson concluded the top ten finishers, whilst others to enjoy productive Superstock race voyages included Stefano Bonetti (15th), Shaun Anderson (16th), Jay Lawrence (17th), Xavier Denis (19th), Forest Dunn (22nd) and TT newcomer Lukas Maurer (38th).

The Royal London 360 Superstock TT race result, is as follows:

1 Peter Hickman
2 Dean Harrison
3 David Johnson
4 Michael Dunlop
5 Conor Cummins
6 Michael Rutter
7 James Hillier
8 Davey Todd
9 Jamie Coward
10 Gary Johnson
11 Brian McCormack
12 Lee Johnston
13 Sam West
14 Paul Jordan
15 Stefano Bonetti
16 Shaun Anderson
17 Jay Lawrence
18 Michael Sweeney
19 Xavier Denis
20 Mark Parrett
21 Rob Hodson
22 Forest Dunn
23 James Chawke
24 Michael Booth
25 Frank Gallagher
26 David Jackson
27 Horst Saiger
28 Ryan Kneen
29 Michael Russell
30 Richard Wilson
31 Dave Hewson
32 Joe Akroyd
33 Julian Trummer
34 Davy Morgan
35 Marc Ironside
36 Richard Charlton
37 Tom Weeden
38 Lukas Maurer
39 George Spence
40 Paul Williams
41 Mark Goodings
42 Morgan Govignon
43 Josh Daley
44 Anthony Redmond
45 Adrian Harrison
46 Rhys Hardisty
47 Barry Furber
48 Jonathan Perry

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Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:49 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
TT 2019: Dunlop Records 19th TT Victory After Gripping, Pulsating Battle With KTS Racing’s Coward

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 6, 2019

With great conditions, great weather, an extremely ultra competitive field the stage was set for an intriguing Bennetts Lightweight race, which set off on scheduled time at 6:30 PM.

Lap 1:

In nigh on perfect conditions, SC Project Paton’s Michael Dunlop powered into an early lead at Glen Helen, moving 2.6 seconds clear of Lightweight class practice week leader Jamie Coward.

KTS Racing’s Coward took a few tenths off Dunlop’s advantage at Ballaugh Bridge, whilst the KMR Kawasaki trio of Gary Johnson, Lee Johnston and Michael Rutter respectively occupied third, fourth and fifth.

The gap between Dunlop and Coward, extended slightly at Ramsey Hairpin, with now just over four seconds separating the S1-R Paton, ER6 Kawasaki mounted competitors.

Dramatically Coward almost moved into race lead at the Bungalow, with just 0.262 of a second between him and 18 times TT winner Dunlop.

By Cronk Ny Mona Coward was into the race lead, heading Dunlop by almost a second, and come the completion of lap 1, his advantage stood at closing in on 0.8 of a second.

Monster Energy Supersport race 1 victor Johnston held third, North West 200 Super Twins winner Bonetti held fourth as Johnson, Dafabet Devitt Racing’s Paul Jordan completed the top six.

Two of the works Norton trio John McGuinness and Davey Todd, dropped out of contention, with reigning TT Privateers champion Todd retiring at the pit lane.

Lap 2:

Coward maintained the race lead at Glen Helen on lap 2, but was only 0.472 clear of Dunlop. Johnston remained in third place, and was a further 12 plus seconds behind.

There was no change out front at Ballaugh Bridge, but Coward’s lead was reduced again by Dunlop, with now only one tenth of a second covering the class pace setters.

On the run to Ramsey Hairpin, Dunlop surged back into the race lead, moving 1.4 seconds clear of Coward, who was still very much in with a great chance of claiming a maiden TT victory.

Just 1.1 seconds covered Dunlop and Coward at the Bungalow, whilst the following timing point at Cronk Ny Mona saw them separated by only seven and a half tenths.

Ultimately with a final lap of 122.75 mph, Michael Dunlop took his total of TT victories to 19, made it back to back Lightweight TT titles by just 1.29 seconds over Jamie Coward, who joins for the first time the TT podium finishers circle.

Leading the KMR Kawasaki challenge in concluding the rostrum finishers was Lee Johnston, whilst banking an excellent fourth place finish, and a huge new personal best TT result was Dafabet Devitt Racing’s Paul Jordan.

Michael Rutter, Stefano Bonetti respectively secured fifth, sixth place finishes, whilst placing’s 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th were claimed by Gary Johnson, sole Norton finisher Peter Hickman, Cowton Racing’s Dominic Herbertson and Team ILR/Mark Coverdale supported Horst Saiger.

In total 31 racers completed the reduced in distance two lap race, with added notable performances coming from the likes of James Chawke (11th), Jonathan Perry (14th), Rob Whittall (19th), Japan’s Masayuki Yamanaka (23rd) and VRS Racing’s AJ Venter (24th).

Bennetts Lightweight TT race result is as follows:

1 Michael Dunlop
2 Jamie Coward
3 Lee Johnston
4 Paul Jordan
5 Michael Rutter
6 Stefano Bonetti
7 Gary Johnson
8 Peter Hickman
9 Dominic Herbertson
10 Horst Saiger
11 James Chawke
12 Ian Lougher
13 John Barton
14 Jonathan Perry
15 Michal Dokoupil
16 Shaun Anderson
17 Xavier Denis
18 Jim Hodson
19 Rob Whittall
20 Darren Cooper
21 Barry Furber
22 Dave Moffitt
23 Masayuki Yamanaka
24 AJ Venter
25 Maria Costello MBE
26 Anthony Redmond
27 Dave Madsen Mygdal
28 Paul Williams
29 Miroslav Sloboda
30 Nicolas Pautet
31 George Spence

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Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:53 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
Great day of racing finally!

TT 2019: Rutter Makes It Five TT Zero Victories, Sets New Class Lap Record

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 6, 2019

Taking his total of TT wins to seven, Michael Rutter made it five TT Zero victories today along the way setting a new class lap record of 121.91 mph, nigh on the first 122 mph plus lap by an electric machine on the Mountain Course.

Race leader at the first timing point at Glen Helen, the evergreen Rutter was never headed as he increased Mugen’s tally of TT Zero wins to six.

Mugen team mate John McGuinness, claimed his 47th TT podium finish, in finishing second 8.566 behind Rutter, whilst Team Mirai’s Ian Lougher made a popular return to the TT rostrum finishers circle.

Remaining riders from the seven rider entry to complete the one lap race, with Davey Todd and Alun Thomas retiring out of contention, were University of Bath’s Matt Rees, Brunel University’s AJ Venter and the Duffy Motorsport duo of Mike Norbury and Shaun Anderson.

Overall a decent TT Zero race, but it has to be said again with entry numbers so small, lower than within the 1907 Single Cylinder TT, you can see why people continuously pose the question, about this race been considered a TT victory.

You have to admire the technology, the innovation, the drive for the next big breakthrough in motorcycling, but were is the increase in manufacturer involvement, were is the higher entry numbers.

The potential for the class is unlimited, and it’s up to the TT organisers to make the right changes to help make the TT Zero class more creditable in terms of considering it a race win at what is for many, the greatest motorsport event in the world.

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Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:35 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
Welp, the 2019 TT is in the books. Great work Deano bringing Kawi back to the top step! I think I got more ulcers from the schedule delays than the death of Daley Mathison. Not really, but it was bad.

TT 2019: Harrison Takes The Biggest Prize, Gives Kawasaki First Senior Success In 44 Years!

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 7, 2019

After a long, long two week stint for all teams, racers, what would the Dunlop Senior TT bring? 134 mph laps, drama a plenty, a new race winner? another tense, gripping last lap battle?

These was just various possibilities ahead of one of the most anticipated Senior races of recent times.

Lap 1:

Anticipated front runners Peter Hickman and Dean Harrison, swapped the race lead back and forth on lap 1, and by Ramsey Hairpin just over a tenth of a second, covered the two quickest Mountain Course exponents in history.

Known for his prowess over the Mountain, Hickman moved slightly clear of Harrison at the Bungalow and Cronk Ny Mona timing points, with the race lead jumping up to 1.4 seconds.

Come the completion of the opening lap, Hickman who lapped from a standing start at 134.28 mph, lead stood at 2.209 over Silicone Engineering Racing’s Harrison.

Milenco by Padgetts Conor Cummins held third, just over eight tenths of a second in front of Tyco BMW’s Michael Dunlop.

Superstock race rostrum finisher David Johnson was fifth, IRRC Superbike series leader Davey Todd concluded the top six.

Notable retirements on lap 1 included Norton’s John McGuinness, who took his TT podium finishes total after last nights SES TT Zero race, to an outstanding 47.

Lap 2:

Nigh on two seconds clear at Ballaugh Bridge, Hickman upped the ante on the run to Ramsey Hairpin, growing his race lead over Harrison to 3.4 seconds.

Steadily breaking away from Harrison, Hickman’s race lead cranked up to over eight seconds at the end of lap 2, as the scheduled first pit stop loomed.

Cummins remained third, Dunlop maintained fourth, whilst Penz 13 BMW’s Todd slotted into fifth place, as Honda Racing’s Johnson retired at Bedstead.

Soon there was more disappointment for the Honda Racing squad, as Ian Hutchinson retired at the pit lane.

Others to drop out of the race on lap 2 included Rhys Hardisty, Davy Morgan and JGH Racing/SMT Racing supported Rob Hodson.

Lap 3:

Consistently over 9.5 seconds clear through Glen Helen, Ballaugh Bridge and Ramsey Hairpin, Hickman’s Mountain section bared fruit again towards the completion of lap 3, with the race lead growing to a very healthy 13.48 seconds.

Ramsey’s Cummins in third was now 27 seconds behind Harrison, whilst 19 times TT winner Dunlop in fourth place, was now 16 seconds adrift of Cummins.

Looking towards lap four, could Harrison do anything about fellow Mountain Course master Hickman? Or would drama a plenty soon arise?

Lap 4:

There was no change out front on lap 4 between the front runners, there was though major changes in the gaps between them.

Hickman looking in silky smooth, truly world class form stretched the race lead to over 14 seconds at Glen Helen, and although Harrison trimmed the lead down to almost under 12 seconds at Ramsey Hairpin, it was normal service resumed at the Bungalow, as Smiths Racing’s Hickman moved 5 seconds clear.

Concluding lap four at the pit lane, for the second scheduled pit stop, Hickman’s lead now stood at closing in on the 18 second mark.

It seemed as though Hickman was on course for a stellar defence of the Senior TT crown, he won last June in such dramatic, pulsating fashion.

Lap five was to prove crucial in the outcome of this years Senior TT, with Hickman and Harrison having very contrasting fortunes.

Lap 5:

As Hickman and Harrison made it to Glen Helen, the timing screen showed just 7.9 seconds between them, was ‘Hicky’ having problems with the Superbike spec Smiths BMW?

The answer was 100 and ten percent yes, as Harrison became the new race leader at Ramsey Hairpin, holding a 7.877 advantage over Hickman and his ailing BMW mount.

Such was Hickman’s problems, that incredibly Harrison held at the end of lap five, a race lead of roughly 18.4 seconds.

Cummins in third place, who looked finishing a solid third, had now one eye on reeling in Hickman, who was having water heating problems.

Lap 6:

Maintaining a consistent, top class pace, there was no stopping Dean Harrison on the final lap of TT 2019, as he secured for the first time, the blue riband Senior TT crown.

Victorious by over 58 seconds, he’s now a three time TT winner, and the first racer since Mick Grant in 1975 to give Kawasaki the showpiece Senior TT title.

Despite having aforementioned major problems, Peter Hickman gritted his teeth and just kept at bay lead Honda runner Conor Cummins, to secure second place by only 5.8 seconds.

Securing fourth behind Harrison, Hickman and Cummins was Tyco BMW’s Michael Dunlop, who’s last lap saw him record a best lap speed of 131.7 mph.

Following a challenging opening lap that left him back in 11th place, James Hillier battled his way to another top five finish, in front of Penz 13 BMW’s Davey Todd, who set a brilliant new personal best lap speed of 131.49 mph.

Concluding the top ten finishers were Michael Rutter and the exotic RC213V-S Honda, new 130 mph club member Jamie Coward, On 1 Racing’s Brian McCormack and Davies Motorsport’s Dominic Herbertson.

Additional notable performances included Shaun Anderson (12th), Brough’s Michael Booth (14th), Joe Akroyd (18th), David Jackson (19th), Frank Gallagher (20th) and TT newcomer Lukas Maurer a very respectable 29th.

Dunlop Senior TT race result, is as follows:

1 Dean Harrison
2 Peter Hickman
3 Conor Cummins
4 Michael Dunlop
5 James Hillier
6 Davey Todd
7 Michael Rutter
8 Jamie Coward
9 Brian McCormack
10 Dominic Herbertson
11 Gary Johnson
12 Shaun Anderson
13 Derek Sheils
14 Michael Booth
15 Michael Sweeney
16 Horst Saiger
17 Mark Parrett
18 Joe Akroyd
19 David Jackson
20 Frank Gallagher
21 Julian Trummer
22 Marc Ironside
23 Jay Lawrence
24 Michael Russell
25 Dave Hewson
26 Tom Weeden
27 Richard Wilson
28 Mark Goodings
29 Lukas Maurer
30 Josh Daley
31 Adrian Harrison
32 Morgan Govignon
33 George Spence
34 Barry Furber

Re: Isle of Man TT Discussion

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:30 am
by TeamHavocRacing
Some of you might've heard of an old track called Imatra. International real roads racers gathered there for an event they now call the IRRC Imtranajo. Davey Todd is rising fast this year.

IRRC Imatranajo: Todd Declared Superbike Race 1 Victor, Ratto, Kostamo Clinch Rostrum Finishes
By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 15, 2019

Wepol Racing’s Davey Todd has been declared winner of the opening IRRC Superbike race at Imatranajo, with race results going back to lap six, following red flags entering the horizon, just as final laps of the 10 lap premier class encounter beckoned.

Never led prior to red flags arising, new 131 mph TT club member Todd held an advantage of just over one second, at the end of lap six, with Marko Ratto leading the challenge to the IRRC Superbike series leader.

Finalising the podium finishers behind Todd, Ratto was 38 Motorsport supported Erno Kostamo.

Reigning IRRC Superbike champion Danny Webb claimed fourth, team mate Marek Cerveny scooped fifth as Performance Racing Achterhoek’s Virgil Amber Bloemhard concluded the first six finishers.

Rounding out the declared top ten finishers were Lukas Maurer, Pauli Pekkanen, Markus Karlsson and Didier Grams.

IRRC Imatranajo: Superbike race 1 result, is as follows:

1 Davey Todd
2 Marko Ratto
3 Erno Kostamo
4 Danny Webb
5 Marek Cerveny
6 Virgil Amber Bloemhard
7 Lukas Maurer
8 Pauli Pekkanen
9 Markus Karlsson
10 Didier Grams
11 Mathias Gnagi
12 Mikael Karlsson
13 Tomas Borovka
14 Vassilios Takos
15 Juha Kallio
16 Ales Nechvatal
17 Pavel Tomecek
18 Hanno Brandenburger
19 Jan Kopponen
20 Lasse Karki

Re: Isle of Man TT Discussion

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:09 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
The Kells Roadrace with it's massive jump is in the books and Derek Sheils is picking up where he left off before the TT.

Kells: Unrelenting Sheils Banks Grand Final Crown, Wins By Nigh On 15 Seconds
By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 16, 2019

Simply dominant, unrelenting pace, relentless consistency, were terms you could apply to runaway Kells Grand Final victor Derek Sheils.

As in the Open race, in formidable form aboard the BE Racing In Conjunction With Richardson Kelly Racing Suzuki, 2016 Irish Road Race Superbike champion Sheils Grand Final race winning margin, stood at an incredible 14.9 seconds!

Leading the challenge to the on top form Sheils was Supersport race winner Paul Jordan. Piloting his own teams YZF R6 Yamaha, the amiable Jordan showcased again why he is regarded as one of Irish Road Racing’s fastest, most highly rated next generation talents.

Thomas Maxwell impressed again on route to finishing a fine third, whilst Cornwall’s Forest Dunn as within the prior Open race, produced an excellent all round performance, finishing a fine fourth.

Fifth, sixth place finishers respectively Kevin Fitzpatrick, Team DHR’s Gareth Keys also enjoyed productive race voyages, as seventh, eighth place finishers Darryl Tweed and experienced TT Races competitor Alan Connor.

Concluding the first ten finishers were Paul Gartland and Ulster GP 125/Moto 3 victor, Michal ‘Indi’ Dokoupil.

In total 15 racers completed the seven lap race, with just two racers from the 17 strong entry retiring out of contention, Martin Jones Racing’s Michael Sweeney and Super Twins victor Andy Farrell.

Kells: Grand Final race result is as follows:

1 Derek Sheils
2 Paul Jordan
3 Thomas Maxwell
4 Forest Dunn
5 Kevin Fitzpatrick
6 Gareth Keys
7 Darryl Tweed
8 Alan Connor
9 Paul Gartland
10 Michal Dokoupil
11 Ryan Maher
12 Donald MacFadyen
13 Stephen Tobin
14 Noel Carroll
15 Stephen Casey

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Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:07 am
by TeamHavocRacing
The boys are in county Fermanagh in Enniskillen for some real roads racin' this weekend.

Enniskillen: Fitzpatrick Tops Frantic Open/Feature Race Qualifying Session, Maxwell, Dunn Show Strong Form

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 28, 2019

Making it a hat trick of qualifying victories today at the Enniskillen Road Races, ZX6R Kawasaki mounted Kevin Fitzpatrick with a last gasp surge of pace, secured pole position for tomorrow’s 600/1000cc machinery combined races.

Bert Racing’s Fitzpatrick fifth and final lap of premier class timed practice, saw him lap at 1 minute 50.126 seconds, to finish just 0.284 clear of 2018 Newcomers A Manx GP winner, Thomas Maxwell (1.50.410).

Cornwall’s Forest Dunn (1.50.592) in contention throughout for pole position finished third quickest, only 0.192 behind Maxwell, with overall under half a second covering the top three in qualifying.

Ryan Maher (1.51.919) finished an excellent fourth quickest, whilst Ballymoney’s Darryl Tweed (1.52.298) also looked in solid, accomplished form on route to finishing fifth fastest.

Martin Jones Racing’s Michael Sweeney (1.52.517) placed sixth quickest, Davies Motorsport’s Dominic Herbertson (1.53.088) took seventh on the times sheet as Paul Gartland (1.54.503), Alan Connor (1.54.566) and Red Line Road Racing’s David Murphy (1.56.605) concluded the ten fastest qualifiers.

The overall qualifying result, showcasing the 15 racers to register competitive lap times this afternoon, is as follows:

1 Kevin Fitzpatrick 1.50.126
2 Thomas Maxwell 1.50.410
3 Forest Dunn 1.50.592
4 Ryan Maher 1.51.919
5 Darryl Tweed 1.52.298
6 Michael Sweeney 1.52.517
7 Dominic Herbertson 1.53.088
8 Paul Gartland 1.54.503
9 Alan Connor 1.54.566
10 David Murphy 1.56.605
11 Alan Johnston 1.56.639
12 Paul Cranston 1.57.394
13 Donald MacFadyen 1.59.569
14 Stephen Degnan 2.01.862
15 Dennis Booth 2.05.635

Re: Isle of Man TT Discussion

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:41 am
by TeamHavocRacing
Close call at Enniskillen. Red flag incident from a crash around 12.45pm in the Senior Support race resulted in suspected leg and arm fractures for County Clare racer Kevin Baker. He is in a stable condition in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast following a crash at the Enniskillen Road Races on Saturday. A delay of more than three hours followed as a result of the incident.

Enniskillen: Race Day Analysis – The Results, The Competition, The Super Heroes Feats Chronicled

By Stevie Rial
Updated: June 29, 2019

Continuing his remarkable run of form on RJ Woolsey’s ER6 Kawasaki, which he piloted for the first time yesterday, the ever popular Dominic Herbertson dominated this afternoon’s Armstrong Engineering Super Twins race.

Victorious by nigh on four seconds over closest pursuer Paul ‘Potchy’ Williams, Herbertson showcased again today why he is regarded amongst International Road Racing’s most improved all round exponents.

Same as the aforementioned Super Twins race reduced in distance to just three laps, the Plantscape Eireann / McIntyre Repairs Supersport encounter proved an absolute classic.

Emerging on top from a captivating four rider battle for victory, Ballymoney’s Darryl Tweed took the race spoils by only 0.385 of a second over opening Supersport race victor, Kevin Fitzpatrick.

Twins winner Herbertson concluded the rostrum finishers, whilst fourth place finish was clinched by Clogher Valley Windows Open and Richard Britton Memorial feature race champion, Forest Dunn.

125/Moto 3 honours were claimed by Gary Dunlop, who sealed his first national roads success since joining the winners circle at the East Coast Racing Festival in 2017.

Runner-up behind hugely popular race winner Dunlop, was fellow ultra-impressive Enniskillen debutant Sam Grief.

Stephen McKeown scooped Lightweight 250/400 class honours, whilst Junior/Senior Support class honours respectively went to Vinny Brennan and Darren Keys.

Sole Supersport 300 runner Barry Davidson enhanced his already impeccable roads CV with Junior 350, Senior 500 race triumph’s, whilst Junior 250, Senior 1000 class spoils were acquired by Richard Ford and Ian Thompson.

Racers not already mentioned to have secured podium finishes from this year’s Enniskillen Road Races, are as follows:

Darryl Anderson (3rd Lightweight 400 / 3rd Senior Support), Kevin Baker (2nd Junior Support), Noel Smith (3rd Junior Support), Andy McAllister (2nd Senior Support).

Ken Parkes (3rd Junior 350 Classics), Philip Shaw (2nd Junior 250 Classics / 2nd Senior 1000 Classics), Kyle Parkes (3rd Junior 250 Classics), Wattie Brown (2nd Senior 500 Classics), Freddie Stewart (3rd Senior 500 Classics), Trevor Stewart (3rd Senior 1000 Classics).

Results per class from this morning’s, this afternoon’s, this evening’s competition at Enniskillen is as follows:

Junior Support:
1 Vinny Brennan
2 Kevin Baker
3 Noel Smith
4 Dominic Cottrell
5 Robert Cairns
6 Dave Walsh
7 Martin Currams
8 Mark Johnson
9 John Cahill
10 Aidan Cleary
11 Nigel McAuley
12 James Rothery

125/Moto 3:
1 Gary Dunlop
2 Sam Grief
3 Kevin Fitzpatrick
4 Nigel Moore
5 Melissa Kennedy
6 Ronnie Scott
7 Sean Leonard
8 Paul Gartland
9 Malcolm Love
10 Peter Shannon

Supersport 300:
1 Barry Davidson

Junior Classic 350:
1 Barry Davidson
2 Ian Thompson
3 Ken Parkes
4 Sam Kinkead
5 Mark Johnson
6 Andy Kildea
7 Gary Hutton
8 Freddie Stewart
9 Jonathan Doran
10 Tim Stephenson

Junior Classic 250:
1 Richard Ford
2 Philip Shaw
3 Kyle Parkes
4 Davy Crawford
5 Trevor Stewart
6 Allen Gibson

Super Twins:
1 Dominic Herbertson
2 Paul Williams
3 Vinny Brennan
4 Tommy Henry
5 Noel Smith
6 Dominic Cottrell
7 John Ella
8 Robert Cairns
9 Alastair Haworth
10 Brian Loughlin
11 Martin Currams
12 Tim Stephenson
13 James Rothery

Lightweight 250/400/Forgotten Era:
1 Stephen McKeown
2 Paul Williams
3 Darryl Anderson
4 Gareth Keys
5 Alastair Haworth
6 Alan Johnston
7 Stephen Morrison
8 Dave Walsh
9 Brian Loughlin
10 Darren Duncan

Plantscape Eireann / McIntrye Repairs Supersport:
1 Darryl Tweed
2 Kevin Fitzpatrick
3 Dominic Herbertson
4 Forest Dunn
5 Ryan Maher
6 David Murphy
7 Alan Johnston
8 Stephen Degnan

Senior 500 Classics:
1 Barry Davidson
2 Wattie Brown
3 Freddie Stewart
4 Sam Kinkead
5 Andy Kildea

Senior 1000 Classics:
1 Ian Thompson
2 Philip Shaw
3 Trevor Stewart

Senior Support:
1 Darren Keys
2 Andy McAllister
3 Darryl Anderson
4 Tommy Henry
5 Dermot Cleary
6 John Ella
7 Stuart McCann
8 Adrian Heraty
9 Steven Smith
10 John Cahill
11 Martin Currams

Re: Isle of Man TT Discussion

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:42 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
It's been a year since we lost William Dunlop at the Skerries 100 and they unveiled his memorial shrine this weekend. Another year is now in the books and it went well with Guy Martin crawling out of the woodwork again for a win!

Skerries 100: Race Day Analysis – The Results, The Competition, The Super Heroes Feats Chronicled
By Stevie Rial
Updated: July 7, 2019

A late high profile addition to this weekend’s entry, 11 times Ulster GP winner Guy Martin ended his latest Irish roads adventure in prodigious fashion, by securing overall Senior Classics race victory.

Embroiled in an entertaining, close fought battle for race honours, with fellow Senior 1000 Classics exponent Richard Ford, 19 times International Road Race winner Martin just had the edge at the end of the six lap encounter, to emerge victorious by just 0.06 of a second!

Yesteryear racing legend Barry Davidson headed the Senior 500 Classics category, plus also proved non catch able within the prior Junior 350 Classics race, to take his total of Irish Road Race victories to a quite incredible 77.

Brian Mateer got the better of respected class rival Philip Shaw to secure Junior 250 Classics honours, whilst others to enjoy success today included Grand Final runner up Michael Sweeney (Super Twins) and Gary Dunlop, who as at Kells and Enniskillen, was in great form aboard his immaculately turned out Moto 3 Honda.

Joining Joey’s Bar MCC Racing team manager Dunlop on the 125/Moto 3 rostrum, were Melissa Kennedy and prospective Manx GP returnee Nigel Moore.

Reflecting upon the combined 250/400 encounter, Logan Racing’s Neil Kernohan scooped in fine style race spoils, finishing 14.5 seconds clear of nearest challenger Davy Morgan, with lead 400 machinery competitor, third place finisher David Howard just a further 0.34 behind former Senior Manx GP champion Morgan.

Vinny Brennan powered to Junior Support race honours, whilst Senior Support victory went the way of Darren Keys, who as at Enniskillen kept at bay the challenge of Andy McAllister, who retains the Irish Road Race Senior Support Championship lead.

Racers not already mentioned to have acquired well deserved, hard earned podium finishes at the Country Crest Skerries 100, are as follows:

Eoin O’Siochru (2nd Junior Support), Noel Smith (3rd Junior Support), Ed Manly (2nd Junior 350 Classics), Ian Thompson (3rd Junior 350 Classics), Gary Hutton (3rd Junior 250 Classics).

Ben Rea (3rd Senior 1000 Classics), Freddie Stewart (2nd Senior 500 Classics), Andy Kildea (3rd Senior 500 Classics), Andy Farrell (2nd Super Twins), Tommy Henry (3rd Senior Support).

Overall results per class from today’s top quality, thrilling race action at Skerries, are as follows:

Junior Support:

1 Vinny Brennan
2 Eoin O’Siochru
3 Noel Smith
4 Jason Cassells
5 Dominic Cottrell
6 Nigel Colgan
7 Alistair Haworth
8 Anthony Lillis
9 John O’Donovan
10 Aidan Cleary
11 Martin Currams
12 John Ella
13 John Byrne
14 John Cahill
15 Francis O’Hara
16 Nigel McAuley
17 Ben Mullane
18 Ben Plant
19 David Broderick

Junior 350 Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Ed Manly
3 Ian Thompson
4 Sean Leonard
5 Sam Kinkead
6 Ken Parkes
7 Michael Brady
8 Mark Johnson
9 Andy Kildea
10 Freddie Stewart
11 Jonathan Doran
12 Tim Stephenson
13 Billy Lyle
14 Gearoid Hoare
15 Paul McMahon
16 Kevin Callan
17 William Wilson

Junior 250 Classics:

1 Brian Mateer
2 Philip Shaw
3 Gary Hutton
4 Kyle Parkes
5 Alexander McVicker
6 Gavan Duffy


1 Neil Kernohan
2 Davy Morgan
3 David Howard
4 Darryl Anderson
5 Alistair Haworth
6 Stephen Morrison
7 Brian Loughlin
8 Yvonne Montgomery

125/Moto 3:

1 Gary Dunlop
2 Melissa Kennedy
3 Nigel Moore
4 Wayne Kennedy
5 Malcolm Love

Senior 1000 Classics:

1 Guy Martin
2 Richard Ford
3 Ben Rea
4 Ian Thompson
5 Philip Shaw

Senior 500 Classics:

1 Barry Davidson
2 Freddie Stewart
3 Andy Kildea
4 Sam Kinkead
5 Tim Stephenson

Super Twins:

1 Michael Sweeney
2 Andy Farrell
3 Neil Kernohan
4 Vinny Brennan
5 Eoin O’Siochru
6 Tommy Henry
7 William Hara
8 Dominic Cottrell
9 Brian Loughlin
10 Nigel Colgan
11 Des Butler
12 Martin Currams
13 Tim Stephenson
14 Shaun Wynne
15 Ben Plant
16 David Broderick

Senior Support:

1 Darren Keys
2 Andy McAllister
3 Tommy Henry
4 Dermot Cleary
5 Paul Swords
6 Darryl Anderson
7 Niall Power
8 John Ella
9 Stuart McCann
10 Ben Wales
11 Gary Jordan
12 Noel Smith
13 Martin Currams
14 Wayne Pither
15 Adrian Hearty
16 John O’Donovan
17 John Cahill

Re: Isle of Man TT Discussion

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:39 pm
by TeamHavocRacing
The International Road Racing circus came back to the Isle of Man to run The Southern 100 this week and Dean Harrison raked in more wins.

Southern 100: Thursday Race Day Results Round Up

By Stevie Rial
Updated: July 11, 2019

Full round of race results from ‘Championship Day’ at the 2019 Southern 100, which saw the likes of Jean Pierre Polet, Optimark Road Racing’s Xavier Denis, Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe and Michael Sweeney join the S100 podium finishers circle.

JCK Ltd Supersport B Race 2:

1 David McConnachy
2 Don Gilbert
3 Dennis Booth
4 Frankie Stennett
5 Dave Moffitt
6 Barry Furber
7 Rad Hughes
8 Daniel Forbes
9 Ben Shuttlewood
10 Mike Brew
11 Jack Fowler
12 Alan Johnston
13 Mike Mace
14 Brian Clark
15 Jason Wilkes
16 Colin Croft
17 Kieran Brockie
18 Jordan McFerran
19 Albert Walker
20 Craig Howton
21 Paul Marley
22 Michael Bates
23 Christian Hirsch
24 Chris Watson

G H Corlett Solo Founders Race:

1 Dennis Booth
2 Jean Pierre Polet
3 Richard Eglin
4 Paul Marley
5 Andy Sellars
6 Marc Colvin
7 Tim Burrows
8 Brian Fuidge
9 Andrew Castle
10 David Glossop
11 Laurence Jones
12 Neil Lloyd
13 Edward Hosker
14 Christoph Mazakarini
15 Keri Morgan
16 Brad Davey
17 Stuart Rayner
18 Oliver Dean

Photo by Mark Corlett

Ace Hire Sidecar Race:

1 Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes
2 Alan Founds/Jake Lowther
3 Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley
4 John Holden/Lee Cain
5 Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie
6 Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle
7 Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe
8 Darren Hope/Lenny Bumfrey
9 Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers
10 John Lowther/Robert Child
11 Michael Russell/Tom Bryant
12 Michael Kirkup/Arlo Brown
13 Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler
14 Richard Hackney/Dave Ryder

Station Garage Sidecar Consolation Race:

1 Ryan Crowe/Callum Crowe
2 John Lowther/Robert Child
3 Michael Russell/Tom Bryant
4 Michael Kirkup/Arlo Brown
5 Shaun Chandler/Ben Chandler
6 Richard Hackney/Dave Ryder
7 Dave Quirk/Karl Schofield
8 John Chandler/Mark Gash
9 Nigel Smith/Chris McGahan
10 Graham Hodgson/Phil Gravel
11 John Lowther/Nigel Lowther

Bettridges of Foxdale Car Sales Supersport Challenge Race:

1 Dean Harrison
2 Jamie Coward
3 Michael Sweeney
4 Michael Evans
5 Nathan Harrison
6 Joe Akroyd
7 Sam West
8 Rob Hodson
9 Xavier Denis
10 Stephen Parsons
11 Jamie Williams
12 Richard Charlton
13 Stephen Smith
14 Mike Norbury
15 Brad Vicars
16 Mark Parrett
17 Sam Mousley
18 Paul Cassidy
19 Alun Brooks
20 Adrian Harrison
21 David McConnachy
22 Matt Mylchreest
23 Don Gilbert
24 Andy Sailor
25 Frankie Stennett
26 Barry Furber

Ocean Motor Village 250/650 Race:

1 Dominic Herbertson
2 Michael Sweeney
3 Xavier Denis
4 Michael Evans
5 Stephen McKnight
6 Dave Moffitt
7 Dan Sayle
8 Brad Vicars
9 Anthony Redmond
10 Gavin Brown
11 Adrian Kershaw
12 Sean Seddon
13 Jack Fowler
14 Paul Gartland
15 Garth Woods
16 Tom Snow
17 Laurence Cummins
18 Adrian Skaife
19 Jack Petrie
20 Bradley Wilson
21 Andrew Castle