AMJ Graphixx Fun Race (EMF Custom Racing)

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AMJ Graphixx Fun Race (EMF Custom Racing)

Postby PONZA77 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:03 pm


Im going to host some Fun Race on the EMF Custom Racing.
Format will change from a fun race to the another but it will be like that most of the time :

- 2 class : 250F / 450F
- 40 qualified riders
- 2 motos( 20minutes + 2 lap)
- race 9pm ( central europe time)
- server address :

First race this thursday 5 january

ATTENTION : calendar are subject to change because at the moment we dont know when the mxson gonna happen so we will see...

Rules on our server :

- No intentional punting !

NOTE : if your ping is too high , you can be kicked from qualifying or even of the race, do your best to get a decent ping !

If u have a problem or if you wanna report someone PM me with details(what happened,exact time) of what happened and give me a link of the demo or respond to this topic

Thanks to Yohann Mayer and EMF to let us using the "Custom Racing" part on his website and for the trust !

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