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BattleGrounds | BraggingRights| YellowValleyCompound Hybrid Sx

Postby DABZZZ » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:48 pm

2-17-18 at 11:00pm CST |

Track will be Yellow Valley Compound (Hybrid Sx) created by "J.Perry-669"
Track Link | viewtopic.php?t=38059
Remove folders from main folder when downloading track.
Race Server |

2 classes - 2 moto format - Overall will be posted here and


NO CUTTING OR PUNTING! "Kobe don't play that".
Riders must respect the blue flag.
If you create drama and can not let it go, You will be muted.
If your connection is too weak and you are lagging into other players, I will black flag you.

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