An open letter to the EU MXS Community from rF Gaming

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An open letter to the EU MXS Community from rF Gaming

Postby checkerz » Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:32 pm

Dear EU MXS racers and fans,

We wanted to take a moment to update the EU community on our progress to provide the highest quality racing seen globally from rF Gaming. As we said in our launch, it is our goal to provide fun, fair, and accessible race events globally with the relaunch of rF Gaming. This includes running major events and series' during accessible EU time slots.

At rF Gaming, we take the quality of our events extremely seriously; and due to the demands and concerns of working out a ground up rebuild to our website and infrastructure including racing servers and scripts, we feel it is important to take the necessary time to do things correctly from the get-go and address and bugs along the way. Along with that, we of course are investing the necessary time and money to ensure by 2019 Supercross; all the bugs are worked out and our systems are proven to work flawlessly to provide the best competitive racing scene the game has ever seen.

As with any new launch, bugs will be found and hurdles will have to be overcome. We are currently in the process of working those out while also further testing gameplay (scale/style/erode/formats/etc.). These tests along with continuous feature and site development are very demanding on our time schedule.

Because of the current focus, we have not been able to secure all of the necessary means (servers, hosts (besides myself), site functionality) required to run a proper EU event. This simply means there will be a delay to the start of the EU racing events, but we promise to continue to move forward and ensure there will be an extremely high quality EU racing scene on rF Gaming beginning by (if not before!) Anaheim 1, 2019 and continuing long into the future. Until further notice, rF Gaming events in the EU timeslot have been postponed.

We appreciate the overwhelming support and excitement about the global expansion for rF Gaming and the trust that the MXS community has put in us to provide top notch racing experiences.

See you on the gate SOON!


The rF Gaming Staff

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