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2019 Outdoor Nationals Team Championship - Inspired by DX3

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 12:31 am
by InfernalKerr77
I take no credit for the layout of this, or the rules at all. I'd like to give that to Devin Davis. And because this type of Team Championship hasn't been used in a while, I thought it would good to bring it back, because of the Time and effort that DDavis put into it.

2019 Outdoor Nationals Team Championship

Enter your teams in this topic for the 2019 Outdoor National Team Championship.

Team Rules/Questions Answered

Minimum Riders? 2 riders. The only exception for solo rider teams is former champions and/or riders currently holding a career number.

Maximum Riders? 6 riders.

How many riders can I have in each class? If you want to have riders in both classes, you will have a maximum of 3 450 riders and 3 250 riders.

What if I only have riders in one class? If you are a 450 only team, you will be able to have a maximum of 3 450 riders. If you have a 250 only team, you can have up to 5 250 riders. The Salary Limit remains the same for both instances.

What is the Salary Limit? Every team will have a Salary Limit of $1,000,000. Every slot in your roster will have a base salary that each rider holds.

The base salary for a 450 class rider is $100,000.

The base salary for a 250 class rider is $50,000.

How many riders on my team will receive points each weekend? Top 2 finishing riders in the 450 class and top 2 finishing riders in the 250 class. This remains the same no matter how many riders you have on your team in each class. Points will be awarded AMA style off the overall results (25, 22, 20, 18, etc).

How does my team score points? Simply by racing the 2019 Race Factory Gaming Pro Motocross Championship.

Can I drop riders? Yes, you will be able to drop riders from your roster at any point throughout the season. Their points will not be removed from your team, but they will not continue to score points for you from that point on.

Can I add riders? Yes, you will be able to add riders as long as they fit the Salary Limit and maximum for each rider you can have in each class.

How are Rider Bonuses decided?
Most pro riders will have rider bonuses added to their base salary. Former champions receive bonuses, along with national numbers and finishing well in the 2019 rF Supercross Series. The max limit for rider bonuses is $300,000.

2015-2018 rF 450 Motocross Championship: +++ $200,000
2017-2019 rF 450 Supercross Championship: +++ $100,000
2016-2018 rF 250 Motocross Championship: +++ $100,000
2017-2019 rF 250 East/West Championship: +++ $50,000
Finished Top 5 in the 2019 rF 450 Supercross Championship: +++ $50,000
Finished Top 5 in the 2019 rF 250 Supercross Championship: +++ $25,000
Currently holds an rF career number: +++ $50,000
Currently holds an rF national number 10-49: +++ $15,000
Currently holds an rF national number 50-99: +++ $10,000

Rider Salary Bonuses
+ $300,000
Jesse Mullins (banned)

+ $250,000
Jack Haley

+ $150,000
Jared Siedhoff
Tysen Fresquez
Jeremiah Seabolt
Colton Mitchell
Alexis Leclair

+ $100,000
Connor Holyak
Rush Chapman
Jeremy Smith
Atom Holm

+ $90,000
Craig Richards
Isaiah Dickerson

+ $75,000
Craig Leake
Chase Blakely
Colby Egeland

+ $50,000
Dennis Fjeldberg
Hunter Root
Matt Burkeen
Sean Klein
Race Karlin
Jeremy Hinners
Devin Ryan
Phil Bull
Kyle Robb
Luke Heberlein
James Armstrong
Ryan Mahan
Jeremy Shipley
Dominic Tibberino

+ $40,000
Logan Leitzel
Tyler Lang
Dylan Copeland

+ $25,000
Jonathan Hughes
Andrew Massart

+ $15,000
Walter Gebhardt
Matias Janice
Reid Young
Devin Davis
Jordan Moxey
Daniel Mills
Cameron Lee
Zach Prokop
Edward Mora
Harry White
Jakob Hubbard
Jeremy Cohenour
Dakota French
Peter Leik
Zoa Cross
Ben Seaburg
Bryce Whealon

+ $10,000
Spencer Turley
Eduardo Simoes
Kevin Ferzacca
Kevin Gonzalez
Alanas Saulys
Noah Baker
Robert Wilson
Will Whiteley
Jake Worden
Tyler Louis
Chase Desselle
Jake Rose
Ivan Medina
Broc Pearson
Braden Carter
Garrett Hollenbeck
Austin Ecklund
Holden Cote
Josh Williams
Clint Martin
Zack Dupuis
Ashe Deering
Tony Spinelli
Fernando Andrade
Sabrina Ritzler
Jarett Gasque
William St. Laurent
Dylan Gatlin
Trent Sheppard
Alex Carlo
Ethan Parks
Brandon Hedge
Owen Hillman
Brett Powers
Daniel Bachlat
James Schuler
Stephane Guido
Reno Brennan
Jake Fisher
Jake West
Jack Zarse
Nathan Zaworski
Tyler Frye
Dale Mullins
Charles Gable
Jack Gatland
Billy Kunitz
Hunter Poarch

Unlisted riders will not have additional bonuses.