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2020 rF SX Schedule (EU) + Additional Info

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:53 am
by Official rF Gaming
Round 1 Anaheim [West]
Round 2 St.Louis [West]
Round 3 Anaheim 2 [West]
Round 4 Glendale [West Triple Crown]
Round 5 Oakland [West]
Round 6 San Diego [West]
Round 7 Tampa [East]
Round 8 Arlington [East Triple Crown]
Round 9 Atlanta [East]
Round 10 Daytona [East]
Round 11 Indianapolis [East]
Round 12 Detroit [East]
Round 13 Seattle [West]
Round 14 Denver [East/West Showdown]
Round 15 Foxboro [East]
Round 16 Las Vegas [West Triple Crown]
Round 17 Salt Lake City [East/West Showdown]

Teams rosters will need to be submitted by 12-23-19
You can submit your team on the RaceFactory website by going to the teams tab.
Team submissions open today (12/16/2019)
If you had already submitted a team and did not get approved, you will need to submit a team request again.