Fun Race Tonight 3/17/20 @ 9pm EST

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Fun Race Tonight 3/17/20 @ 9pm EST

Postby Mv71fischer » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:52 pm


Host: Zach Fischer
@Z_Fischer317 and @MxSimulator_Daily

TIME: 9:00pm EST


Track: BAC 2020 Rd. 12 Detroit

Link: ...

Its one open class, NO SIGNUP NECESSARY, just show up! We will run scripts, SO BE ON TIME!!!!!!!!

Due to high rider turnouts, we will no longer be adding people to the already 30+ rider LCQ's, so if you plan on racing then show up for the UID grab!

Format: One open class
- Two Heats 6 min + 1
- LCQ 5 min + 1
- Main 20 min +1

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