125 FUN RACE - BAC Fox Raceway

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Ryan Mundell
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125 FUN RACE - BAC Fox Raceway

Postby Ryan Mundell » Sun May 10, 2020 2:50 pm

Flatchat Racewear Server

This is our first time hosting so be kind! :D

Track: BAC Fox Raceway
Groups: 125cc ONLY (anyone not on a 125 will be black flagged)
Time: 10:00pm UK Time
Date:10th May 2020.

Race Format: 2 x 15min + 1lap (Back to back) - Plus ELIMINATION race.

This is a tester round for a 125 championship we are thinking of having. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Server: flatchat.mxsim.fr:19814

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