[RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

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[RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby WellsMX524 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:32 pm

Merry Christmas everyone,


Before I start writing this, I'd like to state that I DID NOT MAKE THIS GEAR. It was made for me by Leopold Gorin for my birthday. Since then, I've joined a different team that is using a different brand of gear, and I no longer have use for this gear. It would be selfish for me to keep it around, and since it's Christmas, I am in a giving mood.

So with without further adieu, here is the link for the PSD.

If you are using this gear for a team, please include all credits to Leopold Gorin for the gear, do not thank me for it. He's an awesome guy and an amazing creator, and deserves all the credit for the time he took to make this. Please enjoy, and Merry Christmas.


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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby honda boy 326 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:33 pm

Looks sick! Thanks Neal and Leopold!
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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby BraapBraap » Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:07 pm

Sick, thanks.
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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby Jeremy150 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:14 pm

Right on dude, cool thing to do. Merry Christmas guys!

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby iNoScope » Wed Dec 25, 2013 4:18 pm

Awesome man. Merry Chirstmas everybody.

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby JGeorge22 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 5:56 pm

Looking good

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby m121c » Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:17 pm

Thanks for this Merry Christmas! Leopold the gear looks really good, but your normal maps are inverted, just go into the channels and invert the Red and Green channel by selecting them and pressing CTRL+i. Also when you put normal map layers over each other don't used overlay as a blend mode, use hard light. When you set it to overlay the layer that you have going over top of the other normal map will only go as "high" as the layer underneath it, same as low. Anything past those boundaries is all the same height as it maximum and minimum of the layer underneath if that makes sense. Also when you are done with the norm make a copy of all the layers and merge them, then run them back through the filter and hit "re-normalize normal map", I'm not sure if the game does it on its own or not but it's better to be safe and just do it photoshop. Just a few tips, the gear looks nice though, good job!

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby AuTo MaTik » Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:09 pm

I love you.
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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby Nick#126 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:27 pm

Lookin awesome ! Thanks a lot !
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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby Burke318 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:40 pm

thanks a ton dude!

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby dani22 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:49 pm

Thanks a lot dude! it looks great!

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby M@xTizZz » Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:05 am

another amazing work by l2op!
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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby J.Neff » Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:07 am

sick as
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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby L2op » Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:10 pm

And i'm glad that you guys like it, ! :D You had a great idea by release that gear that was not used Neal !

And m121c, thanks for the tips, will try to do all of that on my next gears ! But the thing is, that i can't test them in game to see if they look good or not, my pc wont run all those shader things, when i'm in High Detail, the 2 thing for shaders are red and it says that i can't run them..So yea, that's one of the reason why my norms are that bad, i can't see what they look like and it's not really easy to tell only by the look on photoshop...
But thank you for those tips again, means a lot to be corrected by someone like you.

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Re: [RELEASE] 2014 Answer Alpha PSD

Postby VanVliet#4 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:51 am

do you have to name it anything when saving it as a png to get it in the game

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