Looking for skinner to do some work, $$$ compensation (READ INSIDE)

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Looking for skinner to do some work, $$$ compensation (READ INSIDE)

Postby ENDOmetriosis » Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:23 am

Hi everyone, My friend and I are looking for a skinner to put names/ numbers on gear and numbers on our bikes, and lastly some gear to be made/blended if possible. Not a team, just 2 riders that want to enjoy personalized gear. I am willing to talk prices and such.

so to start:
we would like 2 sets of gear for each person with names and numbers
(2016 THOR PHASE WITH THE ATLAS BRACE, the only difference we want is alpinestar Tech10 white,instead of the Gerne boots, if this can be done...)
(Colors: blue/green, white/black)

bikes: looking for kind of an assortment of things here all with each riders numbers)
rm125 2011 stock (rm125 dyno)
2016 yzf250's, (yzf250 2016 dyno)
cr250 Carmichael rep (cr250 dyno)
yz250 2016 stock (rm250 dyno)
2016 yzf450 stock (2016 yzf450 dnyo)

OK, now I know this is all alot of work, which is why I am obviously willing to pay. lets talk numbers and we can work out a deal. if possible show past work. Thank you all for your time. hit me up

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