need a bike made that loads properly.. will pay

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need a bike made that loads properly.. will pay

Postby jns212 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:58 pm

can someone make me a 2017/2018 Honda for the 2017 250/350/450sxf models? I am new and cant get any of the public released bikes to load properly, as in the plates do not load on any bikes and they look nothing like they should or what the makers picture shows but the rest of the bike is fine.. the game is up to date "1.11". I have installed the bikes exactly how you should yet the plates are all still wrong, so could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or make me a bike where the plates look how they should and how much? also why wont my screenshot stay attached to this post? I attach it.. click preview and it disappears

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