Bet365 Yamaha

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Bet365 Yamaha

Postby Davinho222 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:11 pm

So guys i am working on my first bike skin right now, but i have a couple of first of all as you can see in the png the side of the bike is green yellow and black with an bet365 logo..BUT on the png i cant find the other side of that so the top of it shows up blue in game..hope you get what i mean im sorry for my bad english. Also could anybody tell me where to get good numbers and letters as pngs. ? would be highly apreciated...Also it seems like the bike is a bit "pixelig":D in the game, dont know why that is. Some colours wont show up on the right place...could that be because of 2010f, 2010 stock etc???


pictures in-game:

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