Open discussion: Pay what you want system

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Re: Open discussion: Pay what you want system

Postby ShortyMX » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:17 pm

checkerz wrote:If ripping isn't going to stop, then I think the system is broken before it starts. That is the point I'm trying to make clear.

"Not everybody in absolutism is happy. In capitalism, there are more happy people but still not everybody is happy. Therefore we should stay with absolutism."

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Re: Open discussion: Pay what you want system

Postby MOTO NATIOM112 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:44 am

Grandpa Chex, you should know you can't make everyone happy. I love all of your tracks but there are some people who don't.

As far as "people not happy with what they bought": They get what they paid for. Better creations=more $$$$. Almost like a tattoo, good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good.

And I like the idea of JLV getting a cut of the sales. I'm sure JLV wouldn't mind either :lol:

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Re: Open discussion: Pay what you want system

Postby m121c » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:21 am

Honestly people should do what they feel they want to do.

If they want to make cool shit for the sake of making cool shit and want to keep it to themselves for whatever reason, then so be it. They are not obligated to share, they are no worse for not sharing, and the community isn't entitled to it. Heck even if they want to share with friends and no one else than so be it.

If they want to sell their work for what ever price so be it, as long as it is 100% their content, they have a say in how, where, and when they can sell it. They should expect shit heads, rippers, critics, and headaches. Just the way it goes.

If they would much rather just create for good of the community, no matter the quality, then so be it.

If anyone has a problem with it then they can learn like everyone else and pick option 1, 2, or 3. I wish I would have realized that a long time ago, I've stepped away for sometime, didn't even own Photoshop for a year now and I notice it was all more of a headache than what it was worth. If you are charging money now, I would say it's probably the beginning to the end of public content for that person. I could be wrong, but if you already that sick of the community like I was, then people stealing from you and dipping into what you are trying to make money off of is only going to make it worse.

I think your pay what you want as long as it's something system could work, however it could also work inversely to the cause. If someone puts up a model, and someone pays a $1, or whatever the minimum, and then re-releases it for nothing, you effectively have burned a creator out of the community. Why would they want to do the same thing again after that?

Then it gets way way to complicated because if you are making gear, then the boots must be yours, the gloves must be yours, like you can't make money off of something that is someone else's without royalties. And if their boot model for example is for sale on the market place, but the minimum for gear skins vs models is cheaper, then other people can just get the boots from someone else.

The cold hard truth is it doesn't work. It will never work. The only way I would advise anyone to try to make money for this game is over services, which is what I always did before my Honda. Basically someone would come up to me and say "I can't make this gear, will you do it and how much", and if all goes good, I get paid and do the work, and they get was essentially their gear now. You're not selling a product, rather being paid for your time as an artist.

Just .2 cents from the guy who was once the one who complained the community was going down the shitter because of private content, to the guy who got sick of it and taught himself to make content and enjoyed releasing it, to the guy who got burned to many times and ultimately decided to keep content private, to then one of the first people to start charging for models, and then finally ended up leaving the community all together.

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Re: Open discussion: Pay what you want system

Postby mx985 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:17 am

In the real world not everyone is a good person.if you can't make peace with your work, getting passed around chances are you won't want to ever release it to anyone but friends.and I'm not saying you should be ok with it. but it is what it is,its one of those see reaillity for what it is see the world for what it is, as long as people have a bad side,or don't care attitude,which is most of humanity. no one will care to think how you feel about it, or to not do what they feel like.there going to say, screw what that guy wants, ill do what I want.sure you can ban joeblow756 but by the time he's banned, 500 dudes downloaded his passed around model.and even if kevrev56 bought your model, he still has the opportunity, to pass it to his best buds. and who's going to stop him? Same could be said, who's going to stop guys from downloading music illegally, or movies,or programs? one.... that's the price of interlinking internet, anything is accessible.and music industries and film,and plenty of other things are much bigger, million dollar industries bigger then me or you.and they still get ripped off Daily.only thing that solves this, is jlv makes the models to update the game, and charges a fee. or he has a team that's the only way this changes the constant ripping.because then he can just put them in game, without others, being able to modify or change them.sell each update, and everyone will know its going to a good cause to improve the game.this won't happen but its how I see it.

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