Experienced Skinner Wanted

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Experienced Skinner Wanted

Postby vV Rigiid Vv » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:48 am

Looking for someone to make me some bikes and gear.

Here is what I need.
5 Bikes. 250s. (All brands except Husky)
4-5 Gear sets WITH Gaerne Boots. (Gear Brand Does not matter)
2-3 Helmets. (6D or Bell Helmets with 100% Goggles)

All the bikes will be a Redbull Bike! ( Redbull Yamaha, Redbull Honda, Redbull KTM, Redbull Suzuki, Redbull Kawasaki)
Colors of the bikes will basically be stock colors with the Redbull logo on them. (No Extreme Color changes. I want a Honda to look like a Honda)
Prefer you to have discord so we can work together and communicate through the builds!

I would like for you to PM me on Discord and show me some of your Previous work. (Preferably helmets and bikes)
Also, based on the info I gave you, give me a rough Estimate on Price.

Discord is ---- vV Rigiid Vv#9033

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