VlastMX: Harris Hills

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VlastMX: Harris Hills

Post by Jrife548 »

Post For Seth Garrett

[center]VlastMX: Harris Hills[/center][/i]

After making The Moses Ranch, I got the track making bug again. Here's the result of putting significantly less effort in than my last release yet trying to keep the same style of jumps, burms and decals. Pretty much looks the same as The Moses Ranch just a new layout. This one has way bigger jumps and more "fun track style" sections, I even added a "Revamped" version which has some gnarly roughness and unique sections from the OG. Tell me how I did and how I can improve.


If there happens to be ANYTHING wrong with either track, LMK, this was kinda rushed
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bootsie wrote: Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:24 pmGood job Josh doesn't looks good
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Re: VlastMX: Harris Hills

Post by evanwelle_324 »

so sick
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Re: VlastMX: Harris Hills

Post by Racers52 »

I have some serious appreciation for how clean this track is terrain wise.
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Re: VlastMX: Harris Hills

Post by JMaxwell26 »

Really fun to ride. Flows nicely and the layout/jumps are on point.
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Re: VlastMX: Harris Hills

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Smidly wrote:With all that's going on right now heres some appreciation for our BLACK
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Re: VlastMX: Harris Hills

Post by gangledorf »

loved the moses track, this looks even more sick cant wait to ride
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