Warehoused 3

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Warehoused 3

Postby staydown » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:05 pm

This will be the 3rd and final edition of my "Warehoused" tracks. Its cool to look back and see how they have improved over the years. Below, I included the links to the previous versions in case anyone wants them.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/cob78 ... oused3.rar

Warehoused - http://forum.mxsimulator.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6658&hilit=warehoused
Warehoused 2 - http://forum.mxsimulator.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27555&p=525738&hilit=warehoused#p525738

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby byrd55621 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:51 pm

thank you so much
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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby Big Smooth one3 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:11 pm

Never say die, Staydown :)

Thanks for this, these were some of may favorite tracks when I really started getting into mxs.

For any interested, going to throw this up on my server - BSmooth.flowtechmxs.com:19842
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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby 57rmz57 » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:34 am

So far the fastest i've done is a 45.5. Super sick track though! You should keep making these warehoused tracks Staydown!

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby checkerz » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:43 am

So fun. Probably my favorite of all your tracks and love the remodeling on the warehouse.

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby Tom cortvriendt » Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:25 am

It feels like you improved your traction too :shock: Amazing track to me, simple design but soo damn fun to ride on. Thank you!
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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby Nick#126 » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:24 pm

Track is really fun and it looks great! Thanks Staydown!
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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby MotoxMarcus » Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:28 am

Great 3rd Warehoused Staydown! This one is my favorite, but all 3 are amazing!
Thought I would share, here is a video I made showing all three Warehoused versions.

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby gabrielmx22 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:46 pm

bro, why my time trial doesn't work in warehoused 3? :/

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby jakethesnake248 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:24 pm

Dude thanks for the sick tracks i Have been playing for 1 year and theses are really good man!! :D

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby Tooh't » Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:47 pm

I don't realy often comment but I had to! This track is just "fresh air"; everything feel great, fun, rideable for hours; and there is room to pass lappers!
Waiting for your next creations!

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Re: Warehoused 3

Postby LKR47 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:12 pm

Thanks for this! I spent hours on the first warehoused when I started playing back in the day... looking forward to doing the same on this.

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