Make 50s slightly quicker

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Re: Make 50s slightly quicker

Postby funkychicken » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:06 pm

Wahlamt wrote:
funkychicken wrote:+1
also if you can make them automatic instead of having to shift like they are irl

The 50's JLV has made are not the mini 50's we have today. They're full sized 50's with more moped-like engines or something. Someone posted a gopro from a race with such bikes a few years ago... Can't find that particular video, but here's another one:

Before there were 80cc's, there was 50cc's on big wheels and a few more hp's. I believe that video shows those old bikes. Maybe JLV can tell us more (pleaese).

now that seems like a lot of fun. if they could just get a little bit of acceleration, I think the dynos in the game would be a lot more fun after seeing this
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