2019 MXSEMF Official Hosting Crews Appliance

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2019 MXSEMF Official Hosting Crews Appliance

Postby nioubie » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:34 pm

2019 MXSEMF Official Hosting Crews Appliance

Hello, like i said in my previous post, i am now accepting "Official Hosting Crews".

Crews selected will be able to host the events of their choice, representing their sponsor, with the support of Mxsemf (website, servers, and more)

I am accepting 2 crews per region (NA EU) and may accept 1 crew from AUS for 2019. A crew can host in more than 1 region.


- You will have to host quality events. (Make threads, watch protests, help members)

- You will have to make plan, make tracks or work with track makers.

- You will have to apply the 2019 MXSEMF rules(they will be modified and shortened), and maybe add your own rules to it.

- You ll have to threat everyone with respect as long as they respect you.

How to apply:

1- Prepare a text file including :

-Your crew name

-Your crew captain name, and your members names with their roles.

-The region(s) you would like to host events.

-Your experience in hosting(with links if there is)

-The type of series you would like to host.

2- Send me the file through Discord :


@Yohann Mayer#4921


You have until 20th November to submit it. I will announce the selected crews on December 1.

You can ask few question to me on discord before submitting.

Good luck ! :D

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