Do you want some skinning done?

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Do you want some skinning done?

Postby slothy56 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:33 pm

If youre looking for some skinning to be done (E.G. number on kit, bikes etc) then i can do some for a very small amount of money :D
(To know how much message me on discord, account name is below)

I have alot of experience with placing number on bikes and kit in the game and a decent amount of experience with Photoshop. I have done some complete sticker kits and some adjusted ones where i use an existing sticker kit and change it. All i need from you is what bike/kit you would like it on and if you are to send me the JM's and PSD's or if i already have those then i will send you a Saf containing your what you wanted. I have done multiple sticker kits for the team i and my friend are currently owning. If you would like any more information please either message me on discord


Also our team is currently recruiting, join our discord server here:

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