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Team/Mentor Help

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My name is Dakota I am 22. My UID is 41250 and my Race Number is 889, I'm trying to race 250 AM outdoors
I'm wanting to get better at the game. I'm admittedly not good at this game but love moto and normally can figure out games in time. I'm looking for a team or mentor to take me in and help out. I'm fresh but I'm also ready to put in work to be better. If anyone can help me out add my discord. Connie_Lingus #7420
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Re: Team/Mentor Help

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hey brotha! feel free to join our discord. we have probably 150+ mx sim guys in our discord of all levels (first day people to pros). 10-20 people atleast that swing through every night to rip. wed love to help ya man. anyone can join >>>>>>>>>>
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