Chat Denial

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Chat Denial

Post by Ryan721 »

I understand you don't have authority in servers other than Elsinore when it comes to in-game chat but is there any way you could implement something into the game to make it so certain slurs and words can't be used. I'm sure there are a few ways to do it but it just seems stupid for how long people have played this game and we still have to look into a chat that can be spammed in all caps with N words and complete filth.
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Re: Chat Denial

Post by jlv »

There's an example script for that in the js directory in the mxserver zip. Look for "chatfilter.js".

I don't bother with it since it's so easy to circumvent. There are a million ways to misspell the offending words while still getting the point across so it's near impossible to automatically block it.
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