Editor improvements/necessities

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Editor improvements/necessities

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Here are a few things that I think that can improve and make it easier to make tracks

- Decal placement

As we all know you click and drag your mouse along the map to place your decals and then go back and adjust them all to make them straight or how you please, its very time consuming. You know how when we are painting a gradient or painting our tilemap, if you press L, the tool sit in that spot and you can drag it across and make your jumps or tilemap straight. I think that should be implemented for decals as well. Even though there's no tool but your mouse showing, I think when you press L or any key that it is assigned to, a straight line will appear when you do it. I think it will be cool to add and easier to place decals and less time consuming.

- Select multiple statues

Pretty much all you can do with moving statues is by moving them one by one. I think if we are able to select multiple it would be cool. Like if i made a corner the exact same as another one, I can select all those statues and duplicate them and move them to the other corner. Then I can unselect the statues and make fine adjustments if I need to. All you would need to do is CRTL click or CTRL Drag to select the statues you want to move or duplicate

- Move billboards

I don't think I don't need to write a whole paragraph for this one as I did with the others. But it is kinda annoying how we can move decals and statues but billboards. It would be cool if we were able move them instead of deleting them and placing them again.

- Drag to place objects

I do know that if you hold down 'D' and move your mouse around it will place multiple statues, but there's no spacing adjustment. What I also think should be added is to drag and place statues like decals. Implement the features I mentioned about decal placement and select multiple statues. You can adjust the spacing to what pleases you. For example: I want a line of tuff blocks, I press L at one end and then click on the other end, I don't like the spacing between them, so I delete them all and adjust the spacing from 10 feet to 15 feet. I do it again and I like how they are spaced out and placed. So I CRTL Drag and get them all highlighted, I duplicate them and put them on the other side of the track.

These are things that I think that could make track making easier and less time consuming. Would love to hear others feedback on this
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Re: Editor improvements/necessities

Post by Chance »

hold d instead of l for decals and it does it
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