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Encountered this player 3 times, the first time he intentionally slowed down to take me out and continued to take me out each time I got back on the bike (without being provoked might I add) Then two more times he cut left off the starting gate and intentionally crashed everyone. I did not get his UID before he left the lobby.
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If you want to report someone, give me the following info:
1. A brief description of what they did wrong and the time that it happened. Use /toggletime to see the time.
2. A demo of the incident.
3. The numbers of the riders involved. If the rider doesn't have a number, say so.
4. The server where the incident occurred.

Rough passing is allowed. I'm only interested in banning people who are playing demolition derby instead of racing. By "demolition derby" I mean someone preventing the race from going on. That usually means randomly riding around and running into everyone in sight. If the rider is going around the track in the right direction and hitting all the gates it's very unlikely that I'll ban him.
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