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Coming back to the game after like 9 years of not playing. I can not for the life of me drive through any whoop section without skipping whoops, back out going left to right its the most frustrating thing ever. All the other sections the muscle memory is kicking in and i can ride the whole supercross track without a issue. The whoops are impossible for me. Never claim to have been super fast but i dont know whats changed over the years but i cant figure it out

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q948VZyaqHs video for reference of how i could ride before
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Re: Whoops

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I remember you, we used to ride together. I struggled a lot as well when I came back, the new style whoops are much bigger than whoops in the past.

For 450, nowadays you want to be going through the whoops in 4th or 5th for consistency. 2nd pinned is still possible but the problem is if you drop the front theres no recovering it, where as 4th or 5th you have a chance of recovering front end drop. Some still do the 2nd pinned technique but majority of 450 pros all just spam click into 5th by the 2nd whoop.

Entry speed is the name of the game, the faster you can get into them the easier they will be. You don't really want to accelerate through them, but rather enter as fast as you can and then maintain that speed all the way through via throttle control. Some riders hold like a steady 25% throttle through them, some riders will tap the throttle on each whoop all the way through. I do both depending on how sketchy I get. I'll normally start steady throttle 25% and then if my front end drops ill start tapping throttle. Either way, im in 5th gear just bogging the piss out of the bike.

As for rider movements, less is more with the new style whoops. The better throttle control you have through them, the less you need to move you stick to stay on top of them. For practice, try to get through the entire set of whoops without touching rider lean forward/back. Once you can keep the bike level with throttle control alone, then start adding tiny little flicks back on the stick to help you go through a little faster. Keep the rider movements small though, less is more. If you front end drops or something you might need to use the full range of motion but other than that try not to tap the stick all the way back.

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