MX Simulator Track Scaler Application

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Jakob Hubbard
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MX Simulator Track Scaler Application

Post by Jakob Hubbard »

Hey guys! I'm releasing an application that allows you to scale tracks to your liking, with options for either entering in your own multiplier or scaling to a specific terrain.hf scale. I hope this will be useful for some track creators, or people who just want to have some fun :)


  • Download the Zip and extract the MX Simulator Track Scaler.exe application.
  • Start MX Simulator Track Scaler.exe

  1. Move all files you'd like to scale into the same directory as the application
  2. Choose a terrain.hf file
  3. Select all files that you would like to scale
  4. Enter a decimal or integer number into the textbox
  5. Choose whether you'd like the number you entered to be a multiplier of the original size or a new terrain.hf scale
  6. Scale!


  • Statues whose origin points aren't at the 'ideal' center of an object will more than likely be moved incorrectly. In the case that you have a few objects like this, you'll have to manually move them.
  • You cannot scale jm's of objects, so all objects will remain the same size.
  • Javascript objects that move with hardcoded coordinates will not be moved.
  • Here's the GitHub repository for anybody interested!

  • What do 'Scale by Input Factor' and 'Scale to Input Scale' mean?
Scale by Input Factor multiplies your user input by the original scale of the track.
Ex. User Input: 2 | The track will be 2x it's original size.

Scale to Input Scale takes your input and sets it as the new terrain.hf scale number.
Ex. User Input: 0.6 | The track will be scaled to terrain.hf value 0.6.
  • What does the 'file does not exist in application directory' error mean?
It means that you checked a checkbox for a file that does not exist OR does not have
the standard name for the file type. If you have a file named 'billboards2' and you
check scale billboards, it will throw the error.

To fix this, make sure all files you are scaling are in the same folder directory as the application
and named the way it is in the track folder, and it should work :D
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Re: MX Simulator Track Scaler Application

Post by Chance »

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Re: MX Simulator Track Scaler Application

Post by Racers52 »

Interesting, ill check this out for sure! Thank you!
Mr. Wiggles
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Re: MX Simulator Track Scaler Application

Post by Mr. Wiggles »

Thank you!
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Re: MX Simulator Track Scaler Application

Post by Pumaxcs »

This is really cool
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