[Release] Red River MX

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[Release] Red River MX

Post by Nex285 »


Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_PdJa ... oU72Y7spbV

yo, back with track #2


Niklas object pack and Julian Liebers practice track for objects
RedCrestMX for the sky box, decals, objects
jgmtbike for decals, objects and tileinfo
kylemx322 for objects
Brad, Spewitt, Busta, Corby for beta testing my shit tracks
Crushed Dissenter
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Re: [Release] Red River MX

Post by twisty »

pretty rad track man! well done. :mrgreen:
Jose Eduardo317
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Re: [Release] Red River MX

Post by Jose Eduardo317 »

awesome thx
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Re: [Release] Red River MX

Post by John23 »

Track is super fun!!
jlv wrote:This post is useless.
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Re: [Release] Red River MX

Post by chrisstephens388 »

great flowww :D :D :D
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Re: [Release] Red River MX

Post by minetimebmx1234 »

i wish i could rip the shit out of this track but my game glitching out some tracks and this is one of them :|
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