all red tech 10s

Post about creating and skinning models here
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all red tech 10s

Post by _carmine891 »

new supervented colorway for the 2022 tech 10s

Heres the deal, i am young and have no idea how sim rules (models) work, so i am asking, if this is not allowed to post these please tell me right away thanks guys

If they are llegal then the psd will be $40
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Re: all red tech 10s

Post by Jrife548 »

You're charging more for 1 colorway to a model than the model that comes with like 30 itself. Sorry but nobody will ever buy a colorway to a boots model when they can just change the parts themselves, no matter how cheap.
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Re: all red tech 10s

Post by farrugia741 »

Just made them myself for free
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